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    Anyone have feedback on Dr Qi Maili?

    er... i think mine last time was book at wk 39 or 40, but believe gynae shld have advice you can start to book for which wk onwards, eg:wk38 and not exceed wk what... i cant rmb liao , ps....
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    Anyone have feedback on Dr Qi Maili?

    yes, if you have a preferred date, you may inform your gynae to book the slot 1st. Not only his/her time slot but also the operating theater availability too. I think we book 4 months before preferred date. However, my boy cant wait to come out and meet us early by natural birth, so eventually...
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    Question about KKH private

    Just recommendation - Dr. Qi Maili. Nice lady and her husband was a famous gynae in KKH too last time for almost 20 years - Dr. Khoo Chong Kiat. And now he open his own clinic at MEN since 2 years ago.
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    Cost of emergency C sect

    but can use $4400 to cover the 9k i guessed?
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    Recommended gynae at KKH

    I m not really sure , only know she is O & G, and her husband - Dr. Khoo CK use to be a famous O & G in KKH too for past 20 years but had move to MEN and open own clinic there in Y2019. If KKH, i would recommend Dr. Qi Maili and if private, i would suggest Dr. Khoo CK from Mount E Novena.
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    Recommended gynae at KKH

    Would recommend my wife gynae - Dr. Qi Maili. She is very friendly and caring gynae. And she is not the senior consultant, hence her charges is cheaper than those senior consultant and professor.
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    Bad OSCARS Results

    good and congrats. But just to add on, by the time when the oscar result is out, it may over the NIPT testing period liao, So i would advise and suggest for those new pregnant if possible, just go for NIPT and not oscar in the 1st place.
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    Mount E? Mount A? TMC?

    And to add on, may be can consider Dr. Khoo CK from MEN..:)
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    Looking for Recommendation for Gynecologist in KKH

    Yes, highly recommended Dr. Qi. She is so caring.
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    Average cost for consultation at Thomson Medical

    I think take the prenatal package would be cheaper. There is a famous gynae i know (actually quite many good review online too), he is Dr. Adrian Woodworth. He had clinic at Sengkang & Choa Chu Kang, and he is from TMC. He do offer a prenatal package about $668 or $688 (exclude GST) and the...
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    Advice please

    Hi there., I would highly recommend Dr. Khoo CK at Mt E Novena. Super good review from many ppl.... He is a very experience gynae from KKH (about 20 years) and last year just had his own clinic at Mt E Novena. He is my wife's gynae (at KKH) husband. Coz we preferred KKH, hence had choosing his...
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    Female gynae

    Dr. Qi Maili - KKH
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    KKH harmony test

    My wife did at KKH (as a foreigner patient ), so spent about $1050 for it.
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    Part time cleaner

    Hi scent88, are u the one staying at 573? :) ;)
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    Is it recommended to do the NIPT at week 10?

    oh... my bad.... ya, i think i remember wrongly....o_O thanks for the correction.
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    Recommendation Gynae at Sengkang/ Fernvale

    Yes, you may considered Dr. Adrian Woodworth. He had clinic at SK and CCK and his prefer hosp is TMC. MAny of my friends are seeing him with very good review although his consultation time is very fast like 5mins, but my friends said his point is always short and sharp with no time wasting. If...
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    Gestational Diabetes

    Hi, my wife diagnosed with GD too and she also prick 2 days a wk (7 times a day). So far she control quite well until delivery. My wife GD was subsided after delivery. There is a follow up OGTT after 6 wks of delivery at KKH, thank God, result show normal. Hope everything goes smooth to you too.
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    Is it recommended to do the NIPT at week 10?

    Yes, NIPT will can check the gender as well but OSCAR confirm can not.
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    Is it recommended to do the NIPT at week 10?

    i think shld be same bah..... we called it Non-invasive prenatal test , some called harmony or panorama test, and i think some called i-gene test too. But confirmed tat NIPT is not OSCAR test.
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    Is it recommended to do the NIPT at week 10?

    means no call (news) is good news. But still, i believed the waiting feeling is quite suffering. Hope everything goes smooth.