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    Formula recommendations for constant spit ups

    Hi Mommies, I appreciate if you can provide me recommendations on which formula is good for frequent spit ups. While i understand spit ups are normal for babies, mine seem to be spitting up every burp, every feed and even if just lying down, I caught my baby spitting out the milk on purpose...
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    Stop milk supply

    Hi, FTM here. My milk came in 3 weeks postpartum & They came in Full force. I’m having an overactive let-down & of course oversupply. This cause my baby to gag, choke and fuss everytime during BF. I know BF makes you bond more with baby but due to this experience plus sore nipples , made me...
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    Malay Mummies to recommend bidan Urut Bersalin

    Hi Mummies, Anyone can recommend a tukang urut for pantang period? Appreciate if you can provide information on their packages i,e inclusive of bengkung, jamu etc and of course, the cost. Thanks in advance!
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    Hospitalization leave - KKH

    Hi All, Any good gynae in KKH to recommend who is not stingy on HL? Previous gynae moving to private hosp, thinking of getting a new gynae. Work can be pretty labour intensive and coming to 3rd trimester so planning ahead now. Hope to get recommendations from your guys! Thanks!