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    Auspiscious occasion clash within 3 mths?

    Very Subjective. If it doesn't matter to both you and your gf, then go ahead. Some times it's the older folks who are more particular. I would still go ahead as both are auspicious events.
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    Help: drank Nestle OMEGA plus milk powder during pregnancy

    Hi june 20 Hi june2012 I couldn't find any compound in the ingredients to say that it is not suitable for pregnant women. I don't think it should be a cause of concern. Because, even if it is, unless u take a huge amount, it should not affect anything. Dont worry and just enjoy your pregnancy.
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    Possible to not ovulate despite monthly menses?

    Yes. It is possible. I guess this is also why doctors will prescribe ovulation pills like Clomid and Serophene to women who are TTC. No harm trying if you are eager to conceive.
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    Breast Pump Recommendations?

    Any recommendations for breast pumps? I was looking at the Medela due to its popularity but realized that Spectra is also a very popular brand.
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    2016/11 (Nov) babies

    thanks for adding! thanks for adding!!!
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    anybody can refer me for cord blood banking?

    Anyone can advise why choose a "paid" stem cord bank vs the public bank?
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    Maternity insurance

    I considered getting the maternity insurance from AIA previously but dropped the idea entirely. Reason being, its tagged onto a savings plan for the kid. Ultimately, other than ensuring the insurability of the child, you are also "forced" into signing up for a savings plan. If we add up the...
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    2016/11 (Nov) babies

    Hi! Can anyone add me to the FB group? my email is [email protected] thank you!!
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    WTG: FertiliTea for preconception

    Item no longer available
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    WTG: FertiliTea for preconception

    I have a unopened packet of FertiliTea for anyone who wants to try. Good for women TTC. Bought from IHerb while ttc but currently pregnant so can't take it anymore. Giving away for FOC. Self pickup at Orchard MRT or I can mail it out for you at $2. * interested parties please PM me
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    Skincare & cosmetics

    Hi ladies. I actually checked with SK-II and Clarins if it was safe to use their products during pregnancy. Basically, Clarins mentioned that their ingredients do not penetrate through the skin layers into the blood circulation. So its basically safe for use during pregnancy. However, SK-II...
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    IVF with KKH (Tan HH)

    Natural IUI is when no fertility drugs are being used. SO-IUI is when doc gives you fertility drugs such as clomid or other forms via injections daily to stimulate two or three ovarian follicles. Chances of twins are higher for this method. Hope it clarifies!
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    Support Group - Endometriosis and Fibroids.

    Hi mpig. I don't think fibroid is a key in affecting fertility. Of course it's never a good thing to have anything growing in us but It really depends on where the fibroid is, how big and whether it affects your lifestyle. Some fibroids may be in the uterus, blocking the Fallopian tube, taking...
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    IVF with KKH (Tan HH)

    Hi everyone. I noticed many sisters here hoping to skip iui and go straight into ivf. I had originally wanted to do that too having had a failed iui previously and am in my late-30s. I didn't see the point of wasting 2 cycles of iui before getting to ivf. Didn't want to waste time as we have...
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    Cesarean (Csect) Mummies

    anyone knows after c sect, after how long can get preg again? I read online somewhere minimum of 6 months.
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    2WW - for those TTC-ing

    Have you seen a gynae? A fertility expert? Good to have proper checks done before deciding what are the next steps to take. Don't wait. Good luck!