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  1. jt_baby

    KKH Pte A1 Or B1 Elective Csec

    hi mommies.. im gg for 3rd csec.. wonder whats the bill n cash portion for these 2 wards.. whats ur gynae charge for csec?? and any review on Dr Tan Kai Lit???
  2. jt_baby

    3rd Csec.. How much CASH to pay if going Mt A 4 Bedder?

    Hi Mommies, This is my 3rd Pregnancy and wouldnt want to try natural already. First 2 pregnancies are Csec. Would like to know gynae charges as currently im seeing KKH subsidiced class.. Previous 2 i was using Dr Poon King Fu (his clinic at Hougang Ave 1 and shared clinic at Mt A).. looking...