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    Hi ladies. I'm graduated from vaginismus in few years ago. I'm successfully giving birth to 2 lovely babies. If I can do it so can you. Dont give up on yourself. Dont give up on your marriage. Sex is fun once you overcome it. I'm giving away the book and DVD that I bought from...
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    Reviews on gynae dr john yam and Gleneagles pls

    He does. Start from 12 or 14th week onward. $950+ including consultation and scan, excluding supplements.
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    Cord Blood Bank???

    Yup. They are very strict about it. They have been followed up with me even after I delivered the baby 6 months later.
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    Cord Blood Bank???

    We decided to donate it for both our babies. The chance of using it is actually very low. "Doctors in Singapore estimate that the chance of families retrieving their privately banked cord blood for treatment is between 1 in 2,500 (0.04%) and 1 in 20,000 (0.0005%)." "Research also shows it’s...
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    What happened to the bto after Divorce ?

    Verbally agreement btw the ex and her. Will pm you. Thanks
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    What happened to the bto after Divorce ?

    Thanks for all the reply. She is a new citizen converted 2 years ago. She has no relatives here. In fact her son is living with her ex as per their agreement that she would be staying in the new flat while the son she can't contest over her son. She's allowed to meet her son only on sat...
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    What happened to the bto after Divorce ?

    Hi all, one of my best friends is currently seperating with her hubby and they notice that their bto is going to be ready for key collection end of this year. She wanna know if they divorce and forfeit the bto will she get back her deposit partially? If they collect the key as marriage...
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    Any mom losing job after maternity leave? Ask to leave by boss?

    Have you written to Mom and asked for advice? Like is it even allowed by Moms law? Or if they can do anything to the company?
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    MC for Morning sickness..

    Just tell them you are having MS. Generally they will give mc.
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    Does anyone drink chicken essence or eat bak foong pill to help conceiving?

    After the 4th box of tyx preg plan, im conceived. Don't know its coincident or what. Thank you though :) QUOTE="coachy0203, post: 8612847, member: 161365"]After reading your post, i went to buy the Tian yuan xiang for women and men. After my calculation, its not cheap loh, $380/month x 3...
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    Need help with my husband

    Actually something just crossed my mind, if he suddenly changes his temper and behaviour, it could be that he may have developed depression. You should really convince him to talk to a specialist before its too late.
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    Need help with my husband

    Try to talk to him and tell him exactly what you feel right now. Maybe hes very stressed at work or maybe he is stressful that your #2 is arriving? Are you guys financially difficult at the moment?
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    Recommendation : Hospital for delivery

    Hi @DoubleQ. Have you delivered your baby at nuh? How was the experience?
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    Reviews on gynae dr john yam and Gleneagles pls

    Hi @tingluvsbutt. Thanks so much for the reviews. I find dr john is nice, & patient in answering our questions. One of his nurses (the old aunty) is not so nice lor. But so long as the gynae is good other things are not important lah. You bill of 14k is mainly due to e- c section, did you...
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    Totally agree with what Mong kok said. Nobody would understand the situation clearer than yourself including your sis and mom. Im surprised they didnt encourage you to keep the baby. Abortion is bad emotionally and physically. Why dont you talk to your husband about the baby and 2 of you try...
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    Anyone seen Dr John Yam from Gleneagles?

    Noone delivered recently under dr john?
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    Reviews on gynae dr john yam and Gleneagles pls

    Hi mummies is dr john yam good? Are his nurses nice? How about the services in Gleneagles hospital? Does anyone have a breakdown bill size for delivery (normal or c sec) at gleneagles? TIA.
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    Anyone tried Tian Yuan Xiang chicken essence during pregnancy? Can give advice?

    Hi. Do you drink it during first or second trimester?
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    Anyone seen Dr John Yam from Gleneagles?

    Hi. Any mummies have the latest charges from dr john yam at his clinic and his delivery fee/ hospital fee at Gleneagles?