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    Fever Management

    Many parents consider a fever to be something dangerous in itself. There are some parents who are so afraid of fever that if their child's temperature rises to 100 degrees or 101 degrees F (37.7 to 38.3 °C)., they give them a liver toxin such as acetaminophen or a gut-scraping ibuprofen. Worse...
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    Domperidone to Increase Breast Milk Production

    Anybody has tried Domperidone medicine to increase Breast Milk Production? My wife each pump session produced only 20ml. She have tried all the methods but no visible result. She is thinking of taking Domperidone to increase breast milk production. Appreciate your feedback. Thanks.
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    Complusory Vaccination

    Hi all, Under the Infectious Diseases Act, vaccination against diphtheria and measles are compulsory. Other vaccinations under the National Childhood Immunisation Programme, although highly recommended, are optional. Diphtheria toxoid was combined with acelluar pertussis vaccine and...