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    Any good Chinese and English home tutors to recommend?

    I am also looking for a Chinese language home tutor for my K1 boy. Once a week, preferably 1hr-session. Location: Bt Batok. Pls pm me.
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    Any good Chinese and English home tutors to recommend?

    Hi I am looking for a Chinese tutor one to one for K1, west area
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    Speech delay / Mild Autism

    Hi pls send me the details as well. Helping a friend thanks
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    Genius League Academy

    I have just sent my daughter for trial there. Not bad I quite like it. Attended other right brain devt lessons before with my older kids, so can do some comparison. I find the standard is not bad. Varied activities and the teacher is engaging. They have a promo now like sign up for 3 terms, 4th...
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    Is it normal for a 1.5 yo child still not able to walk on her own?

    Actually yes crawling is more important than walking. It strengthens the spine which is very crucial, and also helps to build a more balanced brain. But if by 18 months your child is not walking perhaps can seek doctor for advice? his core muscles need to be developed i think. Bring him to...
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    My 2years old toddler refused to eat.

    Mummy @liliG, not sure if this might help but perhaps you could reduce French fries slowly so your child would feel hungry? and slowly give him like rice or other food?
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    Good brands for infant shoes

    stride rite and pediped, so far i like it