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    Twins/multiples mums support group

    Hi! Would you be interested to form a small support group? If so, do p.m. me and I'll create a groupWA for us. Cheers, EDD end May
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    Bengkung Wrap after C-section delivery

    Hi! Mothers who had done wrap before after C-sect, Wish to know how long later is it safe to perform wrap. So far, the makcik urut whom I asked mentioned 1-2 weeks after C-sect. Im just unsure how long my wound will heal before having a peace of mind to be wrapped & for effective results to...
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    Your choiced Insurance for baby

    Hi to mothers-to-be/experienced mothers, Wish to know your reasons for your purchased insurance for baby. And if there is any important information we need to look out for before making our decision. My colleague once bought Aviva for baby, but it doesnt cover from birth onwards, so she could...