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    confinement nanny current market price

    I'm having my confinement now as I have just delivered my second baby. I must say CL is a great help if you can afford it. All I need to do is to eat, pump and rest. Compared to my first baby I didn't have CL, I was so tired that I had minor post natal depression.. This nanny I hired through an...
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    latest bill for delivery in hospital

    Hi, NUH subsidized patients stay in either 6 bedder or 8 bedder wards, and they pay subsidized rates :) It's for Singaporean or SPR. If I'm not wrong the rates are subsidized by about 50%..
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    Subsidised patient at NUH/SGH?

    Hi I was a subsidized patient at NUH and just given birth there as well. I think the prenatal check up doctors for sub. patients are not very experienced, most of them are very young. They basically give 'textbook answers' during the check up but the doctors are friendly. You can try going as...
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    latest bill for delivery in hospital

    Hi, glad to share my experience :) B2 is 6 bedder. If I'm not wrong, any class higher than B2 falls under private patient. Meaning if you decide to choose 4 bedder or better, you will be required to pay private pricing
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    latest bill for delivery in hospital

    Hi! Yes I was very surprised that the bill came out to be so little :) It's my first pregnancy and can't compare to other hospital but I find that the overall experience pleasant. The midwives who delivered my baby were experienced, my baby came out after 30min of pushing :) NUH is very pro...
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    latest bill for delivery in hospital

    Hi all, sharing mine here :) March'15 NUH subsidized patient B2 ward 1 night stay normal virginal delivery with epidural 7.5 hours in delivery suite Total bill size= $1k+ All paid in medisave so don't need pay in cash - For prenatal check up, went to g clinic NUH with no fixed gynae. Waiting...
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    Abnormal Oscar scan and Going for Amnio

    Hi, i had a poor oscar result of 1:180 and went for amnio test during my 22 week. The procedure is quick and almost painless, however do take extra care of yourself after that. My amnio result was good. Don't worry about the result :)
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    Normal weight at 32 weeks

    Hi, my baby was 1.7kg at week 32 and was told by doctor that she was a small baby. I wasn't advised to take aspirin then, instead was told that if I were to have a second child the next time I will need to take aspirin at the early stage. Doc told me one of the possible reasons for small baby...
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    How to let smokers know that they need to wash their hands before carrying newborn?

    My dad and bro smoke in the house and I really hate it too :( I tried telling them about how bad the second hand smoke is to pregnant woman but still nothing changes. Now I resort to closing my room door (hide inside) every time I see them smoking and I also bought an air filter for my room...
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    Gynae cost and packages

    Hi, if you missed the Oscar test you can opt for harmony test or amniocentesis. I went nuh for the amniocentesis test during my 22week and the procedure was done by Dr EK Tan. He seemed experience as the procedure was quick (completed within 5min) and I didn't experience discomfort after it. I...