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  1. bee lee

    January 2021 Mummies

    Congratulations and welcome to join us here for your exciting journey! Do feel free to make friends and share tips here or continue to chat with fellow mummies at our telegram group , ladies only. :)
  2. bee lee

    Notes on organising sprees in this section

    IMPORTANT: 1) Items must be ordered from a public domain online store, where prices are published for everyone to see 2) Items must be ordered and purchased from the website owner 3) Items must be shipped from the online store origin to Singapore 4) Items cannot be hand carried back to Singapore...
  3. bee lee

    FAQ on using the new forum

    How to change password Click on your username on the top right corner Select password from the drop-down menu. Enter existing password and new password and click Save Changes. *** A grey box "Your Changes have been saved" will be flashed at the top. Check by logging in again with the new...
  4. bee lee

    * Announcement - BP, email notification & PM

    Dear members, We are having some difficulties with the servers which have affected the BP app, email notification, PM and emails. email notification/PM email notifications and PMs were not sent out. Please email directly if you need to. BP matters 1) BP organisers, you will not be...
  5. bee lee

    Email Notification - wrongly sent

    Hi, The server outage last Friday has caused a file corruption and thus caused some members to receive emails from threads that they have not subscribed to nor participated in before. If you are affected, please log into your profile and do the following : 1) Deselected "Replies to my...
  6. bee lee

    SCAM on PSP, NTUC Vouchers, Reductil, thumbdrives... etc

    Hi, The suspect Ayu will be charged in Court tomorrow (Wed) morning . She is involved in selling PSP, Reductil, NTUC vouchers and thumbdrives in this forum. Some of the usernames she used are : ayu, zuzu5cucu, Cherylmaigne, shantelb_joey and evelyn. If you are one of the victims...