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    Confinement herbs

    Hi mommies, Which confinement herbs are better? - Eu Yan Sang - Hock Hua - Lao Ban Niang Please do give me your reviews. Thanks you
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    DIY confinement soup

    Hi, Would like to know which confinement soup package is better, laobanniang or Hock Hua? In terms of quality. I have tried Eu Yan Sang for my first born and honestly, it was great. I was in a winter country when a gave birth and the herbs really kept me really warm. However, I would like to...
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    Help needed

    Hi mommies, Just want to check with you all, is Royal Kiddy London a UK brand or Malaysian brand? As when I check the company background, it’s by a Malaysian guy residing in Malaysian and open a UK ARCA to legalise the use of the word London. But it has nothing to do with UK. Just wondering...
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    Organic hand sanitizer

    Any mommies interested in buying organic hand sanitizer? Please do PM me. Selling really cheap.
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    Hand sanitizer

    Anyone interested in organic hand sanitizer ? Suitable for babies & kids and also those with sensitive skin. Really gentle on the hands. Price $12
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    Organic hand sanitizer

    *DIRECT FROM FRANCE* *Suitable for babies & kids and those with sensitive skin* Size: 50ml Expiry date: 09/2021 Description: Made in France, 100% biodegradable, 100% organic, No perfume, no allergen, kills 99.9% of bacteria and virus. This is a common brand used in french schools. IN...
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    Hand sanitizer

    Any one interested in hand sanitizer suitable for babies and kids?
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    Any Good NUH Doctors?

    Hi mummies, Any good NUH doctors to recommend? Prefer natural birth. Thanks.
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    Discrimination during pregnancy

    Hi all, My friend is currently 3 months pregnant and told her boss. However, her manager told her that the boss have the right to find a reason to fire her as she is pregnant and she is not a confirm staff. She has worked for 6 months but her manager told her that her probation has been...