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    Dr John Tee - KKH

    FYI on the pros and cons of cup feeding It takes longer time to feed so I always thought more effort needed from nurse. For bottle feeding, it can also hinder latching since sucking from bottle nipple will give baby faster milk flow and less...
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    Dr John Tee - KKH

    Cup feeding is to avoid nipple confusion. So baby can go back to latching easily.
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    Dr. Ananda Kumar

    Hi may I know whether Dr TC Chang did genetic scan like Dr Ananda? May I also know the charges and whether the result is as thorough?
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    Oct 2018

    Thanks for your reply. I thought FTS (in KKH) is the name for Oscar test outside? My low score is due to thick NT of 3.5mm..
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    Oct 2018

    Thanks. Read that
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    Genetic Ultrascan vs Amniocentesis

    Hi, totally understand about the try hard not to bond. Hope all is fine for u at the end. I am 29. just had bad Oscar result for T21. Waiting for harmony test which takes 3 weeks in kkh. Thinking to call up Prof Ananda to see when he can slot me in.
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    What's your helper's current salary and off-days?

    Fresh indo helper $550/mth. 4 off days
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    KKH gynae recommendation

    I didn't. My delivery was quite fast within 5 hours, and I was already puking badly from the contractions. Will be worse if I took epidural.
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    Oct 2018

    Anyone has bad Oscar test result? I am taking harmony test and the waiting is killing me..
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    FYI. legally only confinement lady from Malaysia is eligible to get work permit
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    KKH gynae recommendation

    Assoc prof John Tee. Very experienced gynae and good stitching skills. He is a man of few words but if you do your homework and ask what you want to ask, he will address you professionally. My husband likes that the consultation time is short and sweet.
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    Oct 2018

    Hi can consider to go subsidized first to save cost. I switched to private at my 20 weeks since I wish to ensure it's experienced gynae who do my stitching. Of course the gynae you chose at 20 weeks may reject u and u may need to consider other gynae.
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    Nov 2018 Mummies

    Hi, I suggest to go at 7 weeks when baby heart beat is more visible and clear.
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    BN Similac Intelli Pro New Improved 850gm

    Sold. Thank you for your interest.
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    Any recommended/good experienced gynae in KKH?

    Hi @Colourfoo yes. Appointment with prof Tee is short and sweet. During scan he will give short comments e.g. baby is normal/ baby is medium size. But feel free to ask if u have any concern. He will answer ur questions well. :)