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  1. gbhfdlmum

    Looking for a transfer maid urgently

    Hi there, i interviewed a Filipino transfer yesterday & felt she's suitable & has potential. But i only need 1 in December so can't take her. U can call Gillian the agent 92376778. The maid is Marlyn. U can pm me if need further clarifications.
  2. gbhfdlmum

    (2015) God's Plan for Pregnancy Support Group

    Hi all! I just wanna drop a note to give support to all. :) I've 3 young kids & both Pastor Nerida's book as well as Jackie Mize's Supernatural Childbirth were my bedside companions. :)
  3. gbhfdlmum

    Anyone has a good maid for transfer?

    I need a helper who can look after toddlers & do housework. Ability to communicate is important. Please pm me if you have any to recommend!
  4. gbhfdlmum

    Maid Specialist In Bukit Timah

    Is this the same company thats now running a $1 agency fee promo in katong mall?
  5. gbhfdlmum

    Fun to be a mum

    Fun to be a mum
  6. gbhfdlmum

    Full-time lived in experienced nanny for toddler?

    Hi, 2 yr old is toddler class, & might be better than nanny if you can find a gd childcare. At least ur son will be able to interact with other kids & benefit from programs during the day. Typically childcare children are more independent.
  7. gbhfdlmum

    Baby pram recommendations needed

    Peg Perego is v lasting & hardy. It can even hold an adult standing behind.
  8. gbhfdlmum

    Any comments on Music for Young Children

    Hi mummies, anyone has any feedback on MYC Hougang or Thomson branch? Am considering sending my 3.5 YO there... As I've to commit to an entire term of fees even if i drop out halfway, just wanna do more research about the quality at those branches. How does it compare with Yamaha's course...
  9. gbhfdlmum

    !!! Amazing offers at Takashimaya

    Hi mummies, anyone knows when is the next Taka baby fair? Or other baby fairs at expo? I need to get new bottles...
  10. gbhfdlmum

    !.....Dr Ang Huai Yan (Gleneagles)

    Hi, my first pregnancy was with Dr Ang. Really hv no complaints. She's motherly & does seem genuinely interested in ur condition. Most of all, my delivery was smooth & recovery painless! I did not hv any pain from my stitches. I'm not sure if it's her or me or both, but that good...
  11. gbhfdlmum

    Advice on MMI Childcare Ctr

    Hi peacock, I recently visited MMI Kovan and was brought on an extensive orientation. The PR person there called Rebecca is very passionate I can tell, and did a pretty good job of presenting a seemingly well run kindy. I'm really not sure what's the reality tho but you might want to visit...
  12. gbhfdlmum


    hi bbtiger, for double electric i take about 10-15 mins to pump...for manual, i take about 20-25mins.... yes, manual is abit tiring, especially if you're going to pump all the time....for me during my maternity leave, i just latch on at home & when i go out with baby & for night...
  13. gbhfdlmum

    Yeast Infection...

    hi memorablechocolate, you can use seba med to wash ur private area...or other feminine wash...
  14. gbhfdlmum


    hi dreamababy, i would say milk is established when your baby has enough from you during his feeds...i guess if you're not latching, your ebm should be about 80 or more by now? hi bbtiger, i agree, you shld get a pump even if you're latching....u cant always be there to feed your baby so...
  15. gbhfdlmum

    Aircon temperature for babies

    hi newmum, the nurses at the hospital tells me the temperature at the nursery is 24 degrees...the newborns are all swaddled as u know. i suggest having a higher temp about 26 degrees & let baby dress in sleepsuit, no blankets.
  16. gbhfdlmum


    Hi dreamababy, i answer one by one oki... I bought the boots milkbags from one of the mummies posting in the WTS section of the portal. lansinoh milkbags i order through BP in this portal, the member's name is littlethinkies if i'm not wrong. u can search the BP threads. milkbags can oni...
  17. gbhfdlmum

    4months old refuse to sleep

    haha...unfortunately, i also spoil him in this area...i wld rock him to bed in a sling..he loves it. now my mum is staying with me & taking care of him when I'm at work, & she managed to put him to bed by giving him pacifier, holding him down with bolsters, & patting him...
  18. gbhfdlmum


    hi dreamababy, I use Boots & Lansinoh...quite sturdy & so far so good leh... i also have the Avent VIA cups, yes have heard that there's limited number of usage...but can't remember if it's as little as 4 times only! I also have many milk bottles. I ran out of freezer space so...
  19. gbhfdlmum

    4months old refuse to sleep

    Hi Christmas Baby, For me, I will put baby to bed abt 1.5hrs before his next feed. So for eg, if his feed is 12pm, his next feed wld be 3.30pm. I wld then put him to bed at 1.30pm. If he wakes up in between, i'll put him back to bed again...let him sleep till feed time. My baby has a...
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    Hi dreamababy, re mixing of the ebm, i'm not sure what's the effect, but my confinement lady didnt mix. so if 1 bttl only has 20ml, she'll thaw another bttle with 60ml to feed aft the 1st bttle. just start feeding seperately from now lor. but for that matter, i mix the pumped milk from...