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    Why, When, and How to Stop Bottle-Feeding?

    As a mum, stopping your child from bottle feeding has been a struggle for some babies find comfort in feeding through bottle. Babies tend to make it a habit. But, have you ever wonder why, when and how to stop your child from bottle-feeding?
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    Any Suggestions for Step 3 Formula Brand Options?

    Whether you will go with breastfeeding or giving your child formula is just one of the number of decisions you will make as a mum. Choosing between a regular cow's milk formula and a hypoallergenic formula is another thing and seeing a variety of formula brands in the market doesn’t make it any...
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    milk voucher ( Grow , similac , gaid , dumex )

    Do you still have any other valid vouchers? You haven't updated this post. Hmn
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    Wts or trade/exchange: dumex mothers milk, nestle mom and me.

    Is that Dumex Mother's Milk came from their website promo?
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    Dislike drinking Milk

    Sensitivity in taste is one of the most drastic change for most of expecting mums. Be sure to find a milk that not just taste good but has good calcium content too! Your baby has grown so much by now. hehe
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    Free samples

    I got my free samples from Dumex too, please do add this resource too: