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  1. andver

    WTS: Annabel Karmel - Feeding your baby and toddler

    Preloved but in good condition. Selling at $12.00 (incl normal postage). Tks
  2. andver


    Looking for the above urgently. Must be brand new. Tks
  3. andver


    Hi all I am looking for brand new McDonald Happy Meal Yoshi in packaging. Pls pm me with pic and price if you have. Tks
  4. andver

    Looking for baby diaper bag

    Brand new selling at $130.00
  5. andver

    Wtb: Chanel/Prada/Gucci/Lv/dior bags

    For ur considerations: Lv Neverfull PM Chanel GST (used once for less than 2 hrs) Loewe (used once) Le Sportsac Baby Bag (brand new) Tks
  6. andver

    WTB: Slip-on Sneakers for 4 & 5 yrs old Girls

    I hv brand new RL pink shoe for gal. Ur budget pls?
  7. andver

    WTB: Mint condition double stroller.

    Hi, I'm selling at $200. Still in good condition cos I hardly use it. Let me know if u're keen :)
  8. andver

    Looking for Joovy Caboose tandem stroller

    Hi, I'm selling mine at $200. Keen?
  9. andver

    WTB - Joovy Caboose Ultralight

    I hv the above in good condition selling at $200.00. Keen?
  10. andver

    Looking for baby diaper bag

    I hv 2 brand new Le Sportsac Pls advise ur budget. Tx
  11. andver

    Wtb: Chanel/Prada/Gucci/Lv/dior bags

    I have LV Neverfull, Chanel GST tote bag, Hermes JPG and others. All in very good condition and some are brand new. Pls advise ur budget. Tx
  12. andver

    (cheche) Disney Store SALE Spree

    Hi CheChe Can I order this? Tks
  13. andver

    Thermos Spree(Amazon)Funtainer bottle/ Food Jar Batch 39

    Hi Jo U've got mail Tks/Rgds
  14. andver

    Thermos Spree(Amazon)Funtainer bottle/ Food Jar Batch 39

    Hi Jojo Do you have ready stocks for replacement straw for the old Thermos Funtainer straw bottle? Tks/Rgds
  15. andver

    H&M UK spree! -Dawnb-

    <font color="ff6000">Hi Dawnb Nick: andver Delivery: Courier Item Art. No.: 78-8648 Item Url: Item Name: Top Colour: Pink Size: 4-5Y Price: GBP 5.99 Quantity: 1 Item Art. No.: 80-2054 Item Url...
  16. andver

    H&M UK spree! -Dawnb-

    Hi Dawnb Same for me. Pls drop me a mail when B25 is open. Tks/Rgds
  17. andver

    Comics: Braun Thermoscan 5 Ear Thermometer (SGD61.00 incl Reg post)

    <font color="ff6000">Hi Comics Can i order the filter? Tks/Rgds</font>