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    Please share your views.

    Hello guys, I'm looking for some suggestion. For the past couple of weeks, my husband and I are in search for a short term rental in Toronto. We will be in Toronto for around one week from February 4 before our cruise. Just looking for a clean, modern and furnished rental that's convenient. My...
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    Please share your views

    Hi guys, my daughter is studying in the Cestar school Toronto. She hasn't started preparing for her college yet, she is little bit confused about her career. I heard about dental assistant course which offers better career growth. Does anyone know about this course? Is any other degree required...
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    I am very conscious about his future.

    Hi, I am from Canada. My son is 12th-grade student and I am very conscious about his future. One of my friend's daughter is going to take a paralegal course from Toronto. Is that a good option to consider? Is there a scope for a paralegal in the coming years? Share your opinion.
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    Hi, my son's 7th birthday is on next month.

    Hi, my son's 7th birthday is on next month so I am planning to give him a useful gift. I am considering buying a bed, chair and table with cartoon images. I searched online but I am afraid about the quality. At last, I found an affordable furniture store in Edmonton. Is that furniture are safe...
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    Hi I am a newbie here and hope all mums are doing well.