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    Part time domestic helper

    Hi, looking for part time helper @ Boon Lay Drive for 3 room hdb. Willing to pay $60 for basic house cleaning, folding laundry and ironing if needed. No need to cook, no need to wash laundry. Weekly/ biweekly.
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    Daycare confinement lady in west

    Hi all, any recommendations for daytime confinement lady who is convenient to travel to boon lay drive for late april or early may edd for 28 days? Thanks in advance!
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    Nov 2018 Mummies

    Hi, i am also first timer, same delivered in nov 2018. Please add me too
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    First time mummies group chat

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    Cost of normal non complication delivery under private care in KKH

    Hi, anyone knows what is the current bill size of delivering in KKH under private rate with normal non complication delivery?
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    Looking for Babysitter @Woodlands

    Hi, i am looking for babysitter at woodlands when i return to work in February 2019. Will appreciate all recommendations. Thank you!
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    Looking for daytime nanny (Woodlands)

    Any contacts?