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    Conceiving as a single woman

    You girls are an inspiration! Jia you
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    Recurrent miscarriage (2023)

    i guess your concern is money? ask him if he can lower or waive it if its a short consultation.
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    Recurrent miscarriage (2023)

    im with kkh as private. its ok but some of the testing are handled by nurses and student doctors. If you have the cash, you can also google private doc, there are a few mentioned in this forum
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    Recurrent Miscarriages

    if you really want a child, then next step is to try artificially through a doc or go natural route. the artificial route cost both time commitment and money so save up while you can. the time commitment bit, i guess you have to make time, or you can try natural until you decide its time to do...
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    How is everyone doing? For ladies above 40.

    How is everyone doing? Probably best and easier to chat here
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    Success stories for mid 40s ?

    Despite my miscarriage, i actually think my ivf was a success. it was at kkh. the doctors delivered the result of fertilising the egg and planting it in womb. thats what ivf is. what happens after is independent of the procedure, its up to what you are doing.
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    IVF 40ish support group

    i asked for pre embryo testing but i couldnt do it because my current ones are already frozen. gynae at KK was against it, saying not foolproof and taking cells out of so little cells is harmful.
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    Recurrent Miscarriages

    hi twinkle, a few months have passed and have you seen other docs or are you waiting until july 2023? Thanks much for sharing, I'm in the same predicament.
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    Looking for Gynaes who is experienced to handle thyroid issue

    u can ask your thyroid specialist about pregnancy. he would know how to treat the thyroid part while your gynae continues as normal
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    IVF/ICSI Support Group

    so how is it? mine had no heartbeat hence aborted at 9 weeks
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    Consecutive Miscarriage - Autoimmune Tests?

    it could be your thyroid too. it is quite common among women for thyroid problems
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    IVF 40ish support group

    did anyone do prenatal screening of the embryo prior to implantation? I was told by my doc I cannot do it for the frozen embryos, but i wonder if its true. there is subsidy...
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    What Should I Do with My Unused Frozen Embryos?

    hmm decide to have a cut off age where you want to be a 3rd time mum? Then dispose of the eggs after.
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    Is KKH private patient ivf cost same as private clinic's private patient ivf cost ?

    nope, private is from 20 k, you can ask them for a quote before you start.
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    KKH IVF waitlist

    i waited around 4 to 5 months and i heard i was on fast track as I'm old
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    IVF 40ish support group

    i would like to thank @GoodluckBB and many others on this forum, for responding to all our forum posts!
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    IVF 40ish support group

    is anyone at KKH? would like to pm you to share how our experiences are like I'm 42, just did my first IVF but failed. now going to abort and start afresh after 1 cycle of menses. would like to share on how our experiences are, who your doc was, I probably am more lax than the average person...
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    IVF 40ish support group

    I will be going for another scan on friday to find out if I have to abort or not. I'm around 8 weeks now and there is just a mass of cells. no heart beat. Doc was sharing some stats ivf success rate for us is 10-20%. So far my hospital bill for 1 subsized cycle was 5000+, i wonder if the other...
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    IVF 40ish support group

    hi joining this chat! i am in the midst of my first ivf journey. it doesnt look promising but keeping fingers crossed. im 42.