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    Good confinement lady to recommend

    Dear Mummies, please do not engage this lady. I was being double booked by her. I found out about her when I posted on FB asking for her review. Someone PM me about using her, telling me to be careful because she has a bad habit of borrowing money. It took her 1 year to recover. Another lady who...
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    Bad Confinement Agency (Agape Confinement) & Nanny

    Hi mummies, I saw this thread and I've just paid to this agency 2 weeks ago. I googled their FB page but there is no bad review. Could it be they removed it?
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    Confinement nanny review, horrific experience

    May I know where did u find these CLs looking for their next client? I booked a CL and she was horrible also. She double-booked me and I found out. I also found out from another mummy that these CLs have a wechat group whereby they collect our bookings and sell them to other jobless CL for...
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    Pregnant mum above 40

    Hello, I'm turning 40 this year and pregnant with my #3. Please add me... Sometimes I feel so out of place because my friends have all closed factory. This pregnancy is unplanned.
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    Sept 2021 mummies group

    Hi, listen to your gynae and if they said take, just take ok? But inform them of the symptoms. Meanwhile try to bedrest as much as possible. My blood test results came back, my Progesterone level is only 68, not very gd. So need to be on close monitoring as my cramps didn't come to a...
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    Planning for 3rd child

    Tuitions for every subject lo. Chinese lessons etc. Nowadays the kids chinese all CMI. Including mine. Sometimes the way she direct translate from english to chinese, I really ROFL...
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    Planning for 3rd child

    I'm at my 5th- 6th wk. The morning sickness starting to kick in since e progesterone jab. Hmm, I find that childcare and Pri school years are e most siong for kids, followed by Uni years. But it really depends on the lifestyle of the parents. Some splurged on enrichments, some just let them...
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    Sept 2021 mummies group

    It's still on and off though. Like yesterday was ok. Today cramp again. Try Ginger tea or peppermint tea. I feel very bloated after food just now, so went to make some peppermint tea, after tt keep farting and I feel so much better.
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    Planning for 3rd child

    Oh Dear, I hope you are feeling ok? What are his reasons for not having #3? My hub n I are turning 40 this year. 36 seems fine because my friends are still popping at 36, 37. I seriously have doubts on myself. 3 years ago I was diagnosed with some pre-cancerous cells. I've been trying to take...
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    Planning for 3rd child

    OMG, I just discovered I am pregnant with my #3 and it was an accident. My 2nd one is already 13. There are mixed emotions because I gave away all my baby stuff long ago believing that I am done with kids. My husband is very happy, my #2 is very excited, but I am feeling like crap. Firstly with...
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    Hi, I think you might be in early stage of pregnancy. My last menses was 2-4 Dec. Had cramps since 31st Dec and didn't stop even until now. Tested on 7th Jan, my line was very faint. The pregnant line was like half a line. Went to gynae last weekend and found out that i was 5wks pregnant. Faint...
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    Sept 2021 mummies group

    Hi Zenn, my cramps is like our usual menses cramp but slightly more intense. And it is ongoing. It feels like someone grabbing my uterus from inside? Mine started since 31st Dec and I thought mother nature was reporting. Until it got so unbearable on Fri and I called my gynae for help, only to...
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    Sept 2021 mummies group

    Let's hope our little warriors will win the fight and meet us face to face.
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    Gynae Recommendations

    I'm seeing Dr Fong Yang. Very patient, assuring and fatherly gynae. He delivers at Mt A, TMC and Mt E. He had been my gynae for the last 13 over years. He saved my daughter from miscarriage the last round when the other gynae sent me home telling me to just wait for the baby to self abort. He...
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    Sept 2021 mummies group

    Hello, just tested positive last wk, went back to my gynae and was told I'm 5 wks plus, but having a very unstable pregnancy as I'm having cramps. Was given a jab and placed on Utrogestran to reduce my cramping. Wish me well!