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  1. CupofTea

    IVF/ICSI Support Group

    Hello all! Asking on behalf, couldn't find earlier replies on this. A friend is choosing between Dr SF Loh and Dr Tan Heng Hao. Would appreciate any experiences/advice especially if anyone has similarly considered both before. Thank you!
  2. CupofTea

    Antenatal Classes - any recommendations?

    Hello! You can consider Parentlink, Blooming Births, and Doula Lorraine (my own doula). There are others you can find via doulasofsingapore website too, based on your schedule, needs, as well as comfort level with the provider :)
  3. CupofTea

    Antenatal Classes - any recommendations?

    Hello. I highly recommend a non-hospital birth class, rather than one focused on lecturing about hospital processes during "delivery" and crash course on handling babies. If you're a first time mum, it is really eye opening to learn about birth as a natural process and build up your confidence...
  4. CupofTea


    Nope, midwife does clinical tasks like cervical checks, fetal monitoring etc during labour. Doulas provide non-clinical support like preparing your body and mind before labour, helping you cope during labour through relaxation/movement etc. In the local context, nurses and/or hospital-based...
  5. CupofTea

    Help! Private Gynae Recommendations

    Congratulations on your pregnancy :) based on my own experience of an unmedicated birth, the choice of doctor and your own prep are key. Although many doctors appear supportive, they end up changing tunes and imposing conditions at a later stage. But people feel stuck if they have signed a...
  6. CupofTea

    Bad morning sickness and feeling sick all the time

    Don't worry, just taking your folic acid at this stage is enough. Eat healthy food if and when you can, but better to just eat whatever you can keep down. After the morning sickness gets better, you will regain appetite and can plan your meals :)
  7. CupofTea

    Bad morning sickness and feeling sick all the time

    Hello. I had appointments every 4 weeks also until week 32, the frequency depends on gynae's usual practice. Usually low-risk pregnancies may have longer gap between appointments. I had morning sickness until week 16-17, but got better after Week 13. You can find some food type that suits you...
  8. CupofTea

    Gynae Dr Tony Tan - need help!

    In that case, Dr Tony Tan may be a good fit for you. Just ensure you also read up on your own about your options for delivery (e.g. waiting past estimated due date, indications for induction and other interventions etc). Ensure you discuss your birth plan in detail beforehand so that both are on...
  9. CupofTea

    Gynae Dr Tony Tan - need help!

    Hi. From my experience, pros are that he is very detailed and waiting time is usually short. Cons are that he specializes in high risk pregnancies so he prefers more active intervention in labor and delivery, also not the cheapest rates in private sector. I would recommend only if you have a...
  10. CupofTea

    Low birth weight

    This really depends on This really depends on whether you trust your provider has given you all the risks, benefits, and alternatives to ensure an informed decision. You can also seek another opinion from a more pro-natural gynae or clarify again. If there is no other medical condition, you may...
  11. CupofTea

    Low birth weight

    Hi. You only need to worry if there is growth restriction i.e. baby is falling off the growth curve, as this may mean blood flow is reduced or some other issue. If tests show there is no pathological cause for the lower weight, it is completely fine. Percentiles are not a ranking, some babies...
  12. CupofTea

    Implantation Bleeding or Period

    You can take a digital pregnancy test, there are kits that are applicable up to a week before your expected period date. It is best to take a test as you may want to consult a gynae on the spotting (especially any fresh blood) in case the test is positive.
  13. CupofTea


    Yes, but you should confirm with your provider. Most hospitals have no issues (NUH has their own Emma care midwife service too). There are many resources, but you can look at for a start. Most offer a free upfront consultation and many provide antenatal birth...
  14. CupofTea


    He basically has a high threshold for medical intervention and a lot of patience for nature to take its course haha so he does wait for labour to progress on its own unless there are medical concerns. He is also very open to birth plans, working with doulas and midwives etc. If you're a first...
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    I have no experience with Dr Ben Choey, but many doctors do travel to hospitals for deliveries and they get sufficient notice from the labour ward to make it on time. For Dr Paul Tseng, he is a pro-natural gynae in a very extensive way i.e. not just supporting vaginal delivery, but doesn't...
  16. CupofTea

    Review on Dr Tony Tan (mount A)

    Cost per visit is comparable to most private gynae. However, there are gynaes with cheaper packages. His risk threshold is quite low. I would recommend him if you're having a high-risk pregnancy or the kind who likes very detailed scans and tracking. But not if you're low risk.
  17. CupofTea

    9 months post partum and 7 weeks pregnant

    Hello, good job for overcoming your struggles with your firstborn. The journey is never easy. I think you should take time to evaluate your feelings and specific fears regarding your second pregnancy. My second was a surprise too, but I always wanted more than one kid and I saw it as a blessing...
  18. CupofTea

    Hospitalisation leave

    Hi you can request from your gynae. But from what I have heard, it is harder to get HL at public hospitals. Some private gynaes also only issue HL if there is any prior admission, but there are others who are okay with approving in the last trimester for rest. No harm in trying, do highlight...
  19. CupofTea

    How do you determine which week you are at now

    Hello. You should count starting from the first day of your last period. Example, if your last period came on June 7, you will be 6 weeks along now. You can schedule an appointment to scan for accurate dating around the 8th week. If there are other concerns, you can go earlier too.
  20. CupofTea

    Jan 2023 Mummies

    You're right. Basis test list is Harmony, the other one is Panaroma.