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  1. FeliciaC

    Looking for a stay at home mummy who is good in doing advertisement for Social Media

    What type of social media advertising? Facebook or Instagram? Or TikTok?
  2. FeliciaC

    Looking for NTUC points

    I have! Which area do you stay?
  3. FeliciaC

    Confinement Package in Chinese herbal store

    Is your mum referring to buying the herbs individually? Think if buy individual herbs, can save. Or your mum may have some ingredients in the package that she can use from home, e.g. red dates.
  4. FeliciaC

    Baby support grant $3000

    Hope there's good news that this support grant will be extended!
  5. FeliciaC

    Im looking for female friends to exercise together.

    I would love to exercise too, but I stay in the North East. Any one in the North East side?