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    Any review for NannySOS?

    never use nannysos before... but my sister-in-law use PEM nanny. you can basically tell they had proper training before they came and the auntie was cute n definitely like the baby so much, you really can tell! the auntie take care of the baby, cook confinement food, red date tea and also the...
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    Bad experienced with Confinement Angels

    Heard of some similar problem from my friend who engages with them, so instead, I went to PEM which recommend by others. My nanny from PEM is very professional and well-trained but also give me a sense of motherhood. She take a good care with both baby and me, cooks a delicious confinement...
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    Looking for Nanny at Ghim Moh area

    Hi I think you can try to contact PEM confinement nanny agency. I think they cover quite a lot of area....
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    Looking for Babysitter / Nanny At Yew Tee Area (After CNY 2020)

    Hi I think you can try to contact PEM confinement Nanny they do have confinement nanny available on CNY.
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    Any confinement nanny to recommend?

    Hi my friend who has her EDD on CNY period but she engage a nanny with PEM. They charge extra but not like 5K (that's a lot!) Can try to contact them yah
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    Confinement nanny recommendation - Yan Jie

    If you are looking for CN thought agency, you can try PEM! Used their service before and Aunty HUI LING had been assigned! You can tell how experienced is when she's there. She is good at taking care of both mummy and baby. As a first-time mummy, I cannot usually tell why the baby is crying...
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    Confinement Nanny Recommendation

    Same Here!!! Have to recommend Auntie Yeong! She is such a life saver and help my husband and I so much! Have wonderful confinement with her delicious meal and genius skill of taking care of new born! She know what to expect and always calm and supportive!!! Recommend Autie Yeong!!!
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    Postnatal Thai Slimming Massage (with results)

    Hi just to share my experience with PNSG. I have signed their 10 session package session and 3 of them are prenatal. I think the good thing to have is they visit your place and the prenatal and postnatal massage therapist will be the same. I have to say the whole process was so relaxed and...
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    Recommendation for Prenatal Massage?

    Hi Hope you are alright!!! Just try prenatal massage with PNSG. Had been recommended by one of my friends before I book with PNSG. Then I decided to have a try... From the massage, you can tell how experienced she is and the whole process is super relax.. I know people are just saying chill...
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    Maid or Infant care?

    Have the same doubt here... but a friend of mine recommend me to have a confinement nanny when I am in confinement to take care of baby and myself (which they usually cook quite well in confinement food) then have a maid after my confinement and when I ready to go back to work... and this is...
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    Pre and Post Natal Massage

    By the way, heard a friend of mine recommend Postnatal Massage Singapore (PNSG) for their prenatal and postnatal massage... heard they will provide customised binder which quite helpful for shaping tummy back into size. ust wondering anyone heard of or used their service before?
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    Pre and Post Natal Massage

    Hi! can I know the postnatal massage contact? and if there is so recommendation also will be very helpful!
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    Confinement Lady Rate 2019

    Met PEM Confinement Nanny consultant that day, had been adviced below 3k... they have so many good reviews online, already book my nanny :p:p:p
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    Asking for recommendation... Confinement Food

    Hi guys! Currently in my 2nd trimester and just wondering any mummies have recommended confinement food service? Done some research online but wondering about what everyone else experiences...
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    Confinement Nanny

    Hi can pm me her contact number?