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    Looking for Part-time Helper (Bishan)

    I am looking for a helper (Singaporean or PR) to clean my 2 bedroom apartment 2x per month on Sunday from 12noon to 3.00pm. The chores are: - general dusting, vacuuming and mopping floors, cleaning 2 toilets /showers, cleaning standing fan, cleaning kitchen (we do not cook). Willing to pay $25...
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    Bishan : Part-Time Helper

    Need a helper every fortnightly on either Sat or Sun 11am onwards for 4 hrs cleaning - no laundry or ironing. About 10mins slow walk from nearest MRT Marymount station. Small, friendly dog (toy poodle) may be around sometimes. Willing to pay $60/- (inclusive transport). Please PM if any...
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    FOC to anyone who is taking this supplement -- 2 bottles, best before 08/2016. Self-pick up from my residence at Bishan only. Please PM if keen.
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    WTB: Travel Adapter for South Africa Use

    Pls PM if you have one to let go. Thanks
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    Anyone has Indon Maid for 10 Years or More?

    Our Indon maid has been with us for close to 10 years. We are reviewing her salary. I would like to find out from anyone how much you are paying your maid who has been working for you for 10 years or more? We do not want to overpay or underpay her. Appreciate any response. Thanks!
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    Any Idea What Are Procedures to Transfer Indon Maid??

    Can anyone help to advice cos I have a Indon maid and will need to transfer her. Thanks
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    Advice Needed - My Mom's Menopausal Symptoms

    My mom is in her 50s and we all think she's experiencing some menopausal symptoms now. She complained that her skin flares up with hives (fung mo) and she feels a warm and tingling sensation under her skin in some parts of her body. It is irritating her and disrupts her sleep at night. Any...
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    Any mommies keen to sew??

    I am looking for someone to sew a batch of clothings for my pet wear business. If keen, please email: [email protected]