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    Dr Benjamin Tham or Dr SF Loh

    Dr Ben tham is definitely pro natural, based on my experience and what I heard from friends. Prices are more affordable compared to other gynaes, I believe. Appointments can be quite fast especially if you have no issues. Likely to go back to him for my second pregnancy!
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    November 2019 Mummies

    You can go to GP. They are able to advise pregnancy friendly medication
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    Need advise

    I went at week 8 too. If go too early, may not hear baby heartbeat and feel anxious instead. If so, doc will ask mummy to visit another 1- 2 weeks later which means higher costs too!
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    Thomas Medical VS KKH

    Suggest you take a look at this article! Helps me in decision making
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    Stretch marks

    Apply once I know I’m preg! You never know when the body starts stretching since everyone is different
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    good gynae recommendation in kkh

    Prof John tee!
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    Stretch marks

    Some say it’s genetic and even if your put cream it wouldn’t help much! But I still try anyway. I tried clarins (it’s quite drying for me and not a fan, but many people like this), biolane (free of a lot of nasties and absorbs fast) and elancyl (absorbs fast and most moisturizing).
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    Neck and shoulder stiffness remedies

    You can try Kinesiology tapes, I use rock tape when I’ve sores and I feel better. The effect is not instant but at least I can sleep.
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    Any gynae for recommendation

    All 3 Gynae from ACJ clinic are recommended!
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    symptoms such as dizziness or headache

    Yes, dizziness is possible. May be due to low iron count or blood pressure. Can consider visiting the GP before your next gynae visit. Try to drink more warm water and rest!
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    Bird Nest ok during pregnancy

    A lot as in once every 1-2 days?
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    July 2019 mummies

    I’m going to go next Tuesday , when I’m week 7 day 5. Usually the gynae receptionist will be able to advise when is an appropriate time to go
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    July 2019 mummies

    My GP told me to see the Gynae at week 8. I was given folic acid and bought multi vitamins from IHerb.
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    July 2019 mummies

    Hi all 1st pregnancy here too and 6 weeks today! My GP told me to see the Gynae at 8 weeks. Considering KKH private or TMC but TMC is quite far from where I stay. Anyone knows any good Gynae central/south/west?