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    Confinement nanny recommendation - Yan Jie

    Hi! Nope, I found her through this forum actually!
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    Confinement nanny recommendation - Yan Jie

    Hi mummies! I would like to recommend my confinement nanny, Yan Jie from Selangor. I just ended my confinement a couple of weeks back. Yan Jie took excellent care of my baby & I during my confinement. She always reminded me to rest between feeds. She was always looking out for my physical &...
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    Confinement Nanny Recommendation

    Hi! I hope your confinement is going smoothly! I am looking at engaging Yan Jie. Did you end up engaging her? How is the experience so far? How is her cleanliness? You probably would not have the time to look at this but i am trying my luck!