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    WTG:2015 P4 top school paper

    Hihi, I have all subjects paper to give away.....only done 30% per subject.. Pm me if keen
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    BN My First Skool girl uniform

    I have 2 bn size 28 to let go. ....
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    WTS: Bee series reading book total 10books

    I have below, all condition 9/10 At the zoo Dinner The baby in the cart Going to grandma's The tree house Where is the money Dinner time The picnic Where are we going, grandad Dads present
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    WTS:2 USS express ticket let go cheaply

    hihi, I have 2 USS express tix to let go cheaply... Pm me if keen
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    WTG:Light pram for needed mommy

    Hihi, i have preloved light pram to give away. Condition:8/10 Self collect at sbw void desk
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    New York Skin collagen

    Hi Selling 3 box of New York Skin Solution Collagen Drink (10 sachets). $200 for 3 box or $70/box Quick deal @ north mrt. Or exchange voucher.. PM me at 97642909 if interested.
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    BN new born avent teat

    Hihi, ONLY keen bn new born avent teat...
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    WTB:Sentosa monorail tickets-June15

    hihi, kindly pm me if u hv sentosa monorail ticket.s...qty:4...need it on first week of June15
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    WTB:Adventure cove tix for 2 adults & 2 kids

    hihi, Kindly pm me if u have need it on first week of June15
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    WTB:My First Skool Girl Uniform 3/4 yrs old

    Hihi, Im looking for above. pm me
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    WTB:BN xiaomi powerbank-urgent

    hihi, im looking for xiaomi powerbank. anyone hv bn to let go? need it by this Friday (14/11/14)
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    WTB:Qian Xi Groupon voucher

    hihi, im looking min SGD 300 value of Qian Xi Groupon Voucher. anyone let go, p/s whatapp 97642909
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    FOC: Preloved stroller

    hihi, i have preloved stroller to give away.... strictly self collect @sembawang condition: 6/10 stroller pad washable whatapps 97642909 for pic
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    WTE:Good condition P1 text book

    hihi, i hv below P1 text book to exchange w small token-xl dipaers/tissues/wet wipes
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    WTE:$200 popular exchange to NTUC/Giant voucher

    hihi, i have $200 popular voucher in deno $5 and $10 expiry may2014 exchange to NTUC/Giant voucher... deal north...
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    WTE:Ikea Vase

    BN Ikea vase exchange 2 packs of 200pcs 2 ply tissue self collect @ sembawang
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    WTG: Kitchen item for small token

    a)BN 3 pcs-exchange 3 pcs xl pullup pants b)BN 3 pcs-exchange 3 pcs xl pullup pants c)BN 3 pcs microwave container-exchange 1 pcs xl pullup pants d)BN & sealed 3 pcs container-exchange 5 pcs xl pullup pants all self collect @ sembawang
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    WTG: Keep the ants away tray-BN & preloved

    1 BN & 1 preloved let go @ $4 only preloved condition:9/10 meet up north mrt
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    WTG:BN 6 pcs glass/preloved 12 pcs glass

    BN 6 pcs glass exchange 2 packs of 200 pcs 2 ply tissue only washed it but never use, total 12 pcs of glass exchange 4 packs of 200 pcs 2 ply tissue/towel tissue self collect @ sembawang
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    WTG:Prloved Potty

    condition: 8/10 exchange 4 packs of 200pcs 2 ply tissue self collect @ sembawang