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    PP bleeding

    I'm almost 8 weeks pp but i'm still bleeding below. It stopped for a few days after 4 weeks pp. Then it returned but only spotting. Just yesterday it turned bright red and volume seems to increase. I'm not sure if it could be menses because i'm feeding my little one breastmilk through pumping...
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    Dec2018 mummies (Woodlands)

    Hello! Any mummies due in dec and are staying in Woodlands area? Would love to make more mummies friends so that we can help one another out :)
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    Looking for daytime nanny (Woodlands)

    Hi all, I'll be giving birth to my baby girl in December. And i'm currently looking for a day time nanny (7pm - 5pm) to take care of her when my maternity leave ends (availability: March 2019 onwards). Preferably living near my place (Woodlands circle). Thank you!!
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    Infant care or Maid/nanny?

    Hi all, Being a first time mum, I have alot to worry about :( My baby girl will be due in December and me and my husband are working FT. Sometimes i wish i could quit my job and be a FT mum but i can't do that. It will only result in a greater financial burden on my husband. And my company is...
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    TMC or MAH?

    Hi all. Does anyone know if TMC or MAH is better? In terms of cost and service? Thank you!