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    40+ pregnancy buddies

    shall we form a telegram group?
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    Failed fresh cycle twice

    try those reputable one is safer. like Eu yan Sang or Thomson
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    Failed fresh cycle twice

    maybe try TCM prepare yourself before trying again ?
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    Fetus growth

    must take care of your own body :)
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    Dr. SF Loh - Thomson Fertility Centre or The O&G Specialist Clinic?

    try email to them or leave voice message at the end of their call. They will call you back normally.
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    WhatsApp chat group for Singapore based SAHMs

    oh hi. just email to the moderator ? They will send you the link. PM here doesnt really work well.
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    Fetus growth

    it happens to me before ...n i believe a lot mommies here go thru that too. Dont be upset and you arent alone :) Think positive that your womb is in great condition and even if you missed this one, you will get pregnant again soon :)
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    BEWARE: Confinement Lady Low also known as Nanny Happy

    pregnancy is hard enough...i really dont see why must we give such people a second chance. some mistakes might not cause any permanent damage but imagine if she did harm to the baby ? why risk ?
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    is pregnancy pillow really good ? really good :)
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    Gynae recommendations for c-sect at Thomson Hospital

    hi.. only open for female gynae? if health is a concern, maybe you should open up to suggestion to make gynae too ? some gynae are good in dealing with high risk pregnancy... hope more people will contribute in this thread ...
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    Anyone took booster ?

    going for my booster soon next thursday .. hopefully everything goes smooth. will update :)
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    Posterior Low Placenta

    ya i feel insurance agency really check on every single details. End up i also give up on purchasing it as the premium isn't that much too.
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    Gynae fees for c-sect at MAH/TMC

    for this, you can ask the dr directly. I tried to find out in the past too but there's nothing black and white. Just ask the nurse at his clinic and they will tell you. I did try to find out from this forum but I dont think you will get the latest price. :)
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    Slowing crl growth

    this stage of pregnancy can be quite tough and i went thru that. dont worry too much and just eat healthy and take some folic acid which i believe your gynae will recommend. The gestational age is an estimation for now and will not be so accurate. Slow down by 3 days is fine I personally feel...
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    Anyone took booster ?

    oh hi..any side effects? Your first two doses are pfizer too ?
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    early symptoms

    1st trimester is always the most worrying...... :) i also worrying about my many rounds to go
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    2nd miscarriage in 6 months

    I personally feel should just keep trying. Is good implantation occurs meaning your womb is ready. Most of the time MC is very common at first trimester. Sometime is just chemical pregnancy. The body will naturally reject if there is chromosome abnormality , is good that is rejecting it at the...
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    early symptoms

    maybe can try some ginger + honey drink...drink it warm.. will help to keep you warm... but of cos dont drink too much also...anything too much will not be good...