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  1. mismulu

    Anti-Blue Light Spectacle or Screen Protector

    Hi hi, Can anyone share your experience with me on the anti-blue light spectacle? Those that filter off the harmful blue ray. I'm considering should I get anti blue light spectacle or screen protector for my son. I'm concerned if I get the anti blue light spectacle for him, everything he...
  2. mismulu

    Advise on lunch box

    Hi mummies, I will like my boys to bring lunch to school when they stayed back for CCA. I want something compact so it won't occupy much space in classroom, and able to keep the food (eg rice, noddle) warm. I am also looking for something easy to manipulate cos boys are ........ I search...
  3. mismulu

    2005 kids in Primary School

    Hi mummies, My son is in P1 this year, and I will like to see if any mummies here will like to chat and share about their new journey here.