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  1. Twirlycandy

    High Needs Baby- Dr Sears

    Hi Mummies, I thought i should share with you an article i came across recently by Dr Sears on High Needs Baby. This term is used to describe babies who requires more dedication, attention, cuddling from parents. They are usually described by others as 'fussy' and 'difficult to put down' and...
  2. Twirlycandy

    mystery of double Eyelids (:

    Hi Mums, I noticed something weird about my baby's eyes. She was born with deep set double eyelids which gotten her alot of oohs and ahh from people around us. However, after 8 weeks, i noticed her eyelids became single most of the time, although the 'crease' is still visible. Just find it...
  3. Twirlycandy

    Help! Confinement Nanny needed

    Hi, I just given birth to pretty babygirl on Friday and is urgently looking for a daytime confinement nanny who can help me with chores and taking care of the baby at Bukit Panjang (my mum's place) or Hougang (my own home). Pls contact me asap if u think u r a suitable candidate with a caring...