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    Swimming lessons during wuhan virus outbreak

    I would still continue as swimming pool water have chlorine in it. Chlorine usually kills respiratory viruses.
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    Organic hand sanitizer

    Any mommies interested in buying organic hand sanitizer? Please do PM me. Selling really cheap.
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    Hand sanitizer

    Anyone interested in organic hand sanitizer ? Suitable for babies & kids and also those with sensitive skin. Really gentle on the hands. Price $12
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    Organic hand sanitizer

    *DIRECT FROM FRANCE* *Suitable for babies & kids and those with sensitive skin* Size: 50ml Expiry date: 09/2021 Description: Made in France, 100% biodegradable, 100% organic, No perfume, no allergen, kills 99.9% of bacteria and virus. This is a common brand used in french schools. IN...
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    Hand sanitizer

    Any one interested in hand sanitizer suitable for babies and kids?
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    Any Good NUH Doctors?

    Hi mummies, Any good NUH doctors to recommend? Prefer natural birth. Thanks.
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    Postnatal Incontinence

    Nope. It doesn’t makes your vagina loose as the urine comes out from another hole.
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    Discrimination during pregnancy

    Hi all, My friend is currently 3 months pregnant and told her boss. However, her manager told her that the boss have the right to find a reason to fire her as she is pregnant and she is not a confirm staff. She has worked for 6 months but her manager told her that her probation has been...
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    Help!! Advise Needed

    Dont make any sense. What visa is she going to apply to stay in the states with her future french husband? Future spouse visa?
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    Help!! Advise Needed

    This is not real right?
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    Complusory Vaccination

    All the anti-vax people should not be going to the doctor or take any medicines when they are sick. It’s contradicting how they think vaccines are useless but medicine is a good or that they trust the doctor. Like in the event they get dengue/ H1N7 or whatever, they should just let their body...
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    Unwed Mum

    It’s not anybody’s obligation to understand somebody else’s pain and trouble. And its not anybody’s fault that there are women that cannot conceive. And whether she abort a not, it won’t change the fact that some women cannot conceive. Why should a woman be forced to give birth to a child that...
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    Unwed Mum

    You? What do you think and feel? Are you ready to be a mother? Are you ready to lose more than half of your freedom? Your sleep? Are you mentally prepared? Are you physically prepared? And have you talk to your family and baby’s father parents? Sometimes they want a part in your kids life.
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    Unwed Mum

    Is it her fault that there are ladies who want a child but CMI? Please do not add on other people’s problem to her. Whether she choose to abort a not, depends on her and not the ladies to cannot give birth. That’s not her problem. She don’t need to consider about them. It’s not like if she...
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    contemplating divorce.

    I think it depends, even if you divorce due to adultery, it’s not a law that your husband needs to give you all he got. My mother’s friend divorced as her husband was cheating on her and he even brought the China woman home to have sex on their bed. She came home to it, took a video and file...
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    Prenatal package avail in govt hosp?

    Hi, If I’m not wrong, KKH don’t have package, only NUH has one. You can go to NUH website for the package price. NUH have their own team of expertise so in the event of complication, they will be able to handle it. (This is what they told me).