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    Hi mummies do u buy breastpump after or before u deliver? Which brand of breastpumps is suitable for small breasts?
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    Nanny Service @ Yishun St 22

    Hi im providing nanny service at my house. Im a SAHM with 1yo+ daughter. She will be going to childcare soon. Whatsapp/msg me at 86111906 to discuss.
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    Rashes? Eczema? Dry skin?

    Hi mommies may i know wat to apply for my lo feet as stated in the pic? It lasted for a few months and till now has not healed. Lo is 1yo. She will keep scratch even if the area is bleeding. Used lotions, aveeno eczema cream, physiogel but nth works. Any other recommendations?
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    Homebased Jobs

    Hi any jobs available? Like pasting stickers which are able to done at home? Any lobangs that dont require to go out of house? TIA
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    WTS: Empty Tins (800g, 850g & 400g)

    Hi im selling empty tins @ $1 each. Self collect at Yishun. Pm me for more details. Thanks.
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    Similac Stage 2 Formula

    Whats the difference between similac total comfort(the one in red) & normal similac(green)? Which one do u prefer? And dont mind sharing experience if u have tried before. TIA!
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    Teething gel

    Hi mommies which teething gel would u recommend? I'm thinking of buying 1 to try. DD's both bottom teeths had already grown halfway, could it still be teething? She's been putting her hand inside her mouth to bite and 'dig' until the verge of vomitting which can be heard clearly and it always...
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    Meals for baby

    Hi mummies when can i start chicken porridge for my lo? 6mos? 7mos? My lo cant take much solid food at a time. How much amount do u all feed ur LOs per meal? What are ur meal schedules?
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    WTS: BN Dumex Mamil Gold Step 2 (850g)

    - Selling due to lo not suitable. - Selling @ $40 - Unopened - Expiry date stated in picture Self collect @ Yishun St 22 blk 276 Pm or contact 86111906 to deal.
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    6 months old been pooping after every feed

    Lo has been pooping after every single feeding! 1 day can have 5-6 poops! Just switch to step 2 formula few days ago. But before switching she alr starting to have watery, sometimes green poops also. Tried to stop purees for her but its still the same. One of her bottom tooth alr grow out(can be...
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    Freezing and thawing porridge

    Hi mummies, anyone has ever freeze and thaw porridge before? Lo hasn't been drinking much from expected, 1 day total only 10-12oz . Doc said her weight gain is very low for her age right now and need to gain more weight. She only gain 100g for this month and it's considered very low when it...
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    Reduced in milk intake

    My 5 months old has been drinking lesser and lesser and it has just started about a week ago..LO is eff. I started abit of puree when lo is about 4.5 months and poop is normal, more solid and more smelly. Currently lo only take about 2-3oz of formula on each feedings. Time interval wise very...
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    Any mummies know which brand of diapers absorb the most? Currently using drypers. Cant really last long though. Any recommendations?
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    Hair falling out

    Hi mummies any treatments or remedies for hair fall during postpartum? My hair keeps falling out non stop. When i bathe or brush my hair there's alot of hair coming out. Even on my pillow there's about 4-5 hair when i woke up. Im afraid my head will have patches due to massive hair fall ): Any...
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    Starting solids on 4months+

    Hi all mummies out there, can i try to feed my 4 months+ old girl plain porridge? She keep drinking lesser throughout the whole week and keeps on crying. I saw a little white dot on her bottom gums dont know issit she teething or what. Anyone know why? Also, if any of u know any rice cereal for...