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    Bleeding on the 5th month of pregnancy

    Hi mummies, I need some helps here, does anyone of you encounter bleeding during 5months? My gynae checked, the baby was ok, everything are fine. But I dont know why it still bleeding, but it was very very very little only.. Thanks.
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    Post Natal Massage

    Hi, Anyone or your friend try the post natal massage with Latifah or Lyn Lady? Thanks, Joanne
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    Milk Powder, Low Fat Milk, Fresh Milk which is better for pregnancy??

    Hello Mummies, Does anyone of you drinking HL milk instead of milk powder? I heard of pregnant milk powder will be sweeter thn the fresh milk.
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    Nausea during pregnancy

    Hello, does anyone know what can I eat or drink to make my nausea feeling better? I am currently 7weeks, and everyday feeling nausea especially after meals.
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    Any review on Dr. Benjamin Tham?

    Dear mothers, Any review on Dr Ben and price packages to share?