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    PDs at TMC

    Hi all, I will be delivering this May at Thomson. Any recommendation for good PDs who are able to listen and guide first time parents? Don't want tje chop chop kind of Dr that doesn't explain things. Currently there are only 4 PDs Dr Ang Ai Tin Dr Eugene Han Dr Tan Kuanyang Dr Yang Linqi
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    Any recommended PD at Thomson

    Hi all, will be giving birth this Msy at Thomson and wanted to have PD reviews. Thank you!
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    Dr Wong Heng Fok latest review

    Hi ladies, I’m currently seeing Dr Wong at Thomson Women’s Clinic and my edd is on May2021. I havent signed a package with him yet as still not decided. Any current reviews on him that you all can share? I see some threads but a bit old already. Thanks in advance!
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    Anyone doing IVF in 2020?

    Hello, Dr gave me COQ10 and DHEA to take for 4mos, but a bit expensive about 700+ for the 4mos
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    Anyone doing IVF in 2020?

    Hello ladies! Im new here and planning to do ivf.. I went to SGH ytd under Dr Hema, started to do the blood tests in preparation for IVF, will be going on counseling this August, prob start the ivf procedure on Sep..but still thinking whether I shld switch to NUS as seems like the success rate...
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    IVF/ICSI Support Group

    Hello ladies, anyone seeing Dr Hemashree at SGH? How is she? Will be seeing her this Friday for my first appointment. Any info would help. Thanks a lot!