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    Hi Mummies Recently I come across the milk powder "Pediasure" cos' my baby girl having diarrhea and PD advised temporary consumption of Pediasure. I tried myself and if according to the instruction - 190ml water with 5 scoops, it is EXTREMELY sweet, well, my 4.5 yr old child and baby...
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    7 p.m. to 7 a.m. - realistic ?

    Hi mummies I have been reading books on sleeping issues with babies and toddlers and always come across views that say their babies sleep from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m.. Apparently my baby girl - now 13 months did not and now does not sleep that early, and aso she does not sleep for 12 hours...
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    Baby's knees turn black due to crawling

    Hi mummies My baby girl has been crawling for 3 months and recently come to realise her knees are a bit darker in colour compared to other parts of the legs. She is already wearing long pants while crawling, so my question is will the knee colour turn back to normal after she starts to walk...
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    Put Baby to sleep

    Hi mummies I have read different theories on how to put babies to sleep, some advise not to rock, just put on cot, some said can rock... I am now trying to put my girl (11 Month) to sleep by going thru bedtime ritual which include bath, milk, book...then I would put her in her cot awake...
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    What fish to use for fish porridge?

    Hi, like to know what kind of fish is suitable for making porridge for a 7 month old baby? Has heard that fish with no scale is not suitable. And do we mash the fish for baby to eat or just use the fish stock?