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    WTS BRANDED baby and toddler clothes (girl)

    bumping..priced to clear..all in almost new condition
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    WTS BRANDED baby and toddler clothes (girl)

    bump...price negotiable to clear! pls pm or text at 9794229O
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    WTS BRANDED baby and toddler clothes (girl)

    Have the following branded clothes to sell. Sizes are ranging from 6-24 months, brands include polo Ralph, poney, carters, zara, baby gap. Clothes are in very good condition as only worn a couple of times before my girl outgrew them. Willing to let go individually or all at one shot. Price...
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    Gynae no longer delivering due to insurance cover

    Hi Mommies, just wanna check if any of you are affected by the below? My gynae jus dropped the bomb on me that he can no longer help me deliver due to him not renewing his...
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    WTB Gain IQ Intelli-pro Stage 3 (400g or 900gm)

    I have one 400g, selling at $14 including $5 voucher...expiry 16 May 2015, collection AMK or Boon Keng.
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    Bad Oscar Test Results

    Vanillalatter85, Praise be with God! :)
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    Bad Oscar Test Results

    Hi Vanillalatter85, my probability for trisomy 21 was 1:264 when I did the test in August last year when I was bout 4months. My gynae told me above 1:250 is consider low risk. However, im borderline and cos I was 29 when I conceived, the results is consider lousy as i should be getting ratios of...
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    Nu Skin's TRA vs HerbalLife Products

    Im in my 7th week of the TRA program. I tried it cos I couldnt shed off the excess weight of 7kg from pregnancy despite me breastfeeding, eating less carbs and exercising. So far, I have lost 3.5kg, 7.5cm off my waist, 5cm fr abdomen and 2.5cm from hips. Im still 4kg away from my ideal weight of...
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    WTB: pigeon breast pad

    Hello, I have a brand new box of 60+12 to let go plus loose ones (ard 20 pieces). Total 92 pieces for SGD17.
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    WTB: Newborn baby items

    Hi, I have the following in very good condition. As good as new as my baby doesnt like play mats. Doesnt come in box anymore. If interested, pm me asap.
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    WTB BN Aden & Anais swaddle

    I have bn ones but already washed before cos I thought i was gonna use them. Still keen?
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    WTB: Diapers/Breastpads/Wet wipes/Medela Spart Parts

    I have brand new box of pigeon breastpads 60+12 for sale..throw in 12 pieces of unused ones...for SGD15. if keen pm me
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    (2013/02) Feb 2013

    How many posts must we post before we can start a new thread in WTS section?
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    (2013/02) Feb 2013

    Hi babydino..tats odd..can you try to add michelle quek then? my profile pic is of e back view of a couple.. if still cannot locate then I will try to add u instead tonight..thanks!!!
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    (2013/02) Feb 2013

    Hi all, my edd is 18 feb...please add me to fb.. [email protected]
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    (2013/02) Feb 2013

    no more baby fair ar? But if buy sterilizer n all now also a bit too early rite
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    Advise: need recommendation on gynae that deliver in mt alvernia

    Mine is Dr Ching who has a clinic at Mount Alvernia and Mount Elizabeth...1st consultation $150, subsequent consultations $100 w scan excluding medication. Delivery 1.5k, package 700 from 16wks onwards
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    (2013/02) Feb 2013

    Peanut, I jus confirmed my CL last wkend..the pricing is ard there..some even told me 3.8k n must allow them to back for 3 days during CNY with no compensation.. in e end, settled for one that cost me 3k for 28 days and she will compensate me the 3 days she goes back malaysia should i deliver...
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    (2013/02) Feb 2013

    Hi all, Anyone purchasing birds nest? ANy recommendations? Im intending to purchase from this lady also on SMH who organizes spress...her email is [email protected] Anyone dealt with her before?