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    Going for booster shot in March, should I wait after the booster shot to kick start my ivf ?

    Anyone going for booster shot soon but also planning to start ivf ?
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    If you have problem with implantation, what makes you think IUI/IVF will work ?

    My gynae told me that I can have a perfect embryo but he cannot guarantee the embryo will stick and there is nothiing any gynae can do about it and it all depends on your luck. If that is what the game is about, why are we gambling on an ultra expensive treatment that in the end depends on...
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    No money to do ivf, give up ?

    Tried naturally for 5 years and still going, no news. Too old for IUI OR so-iui. Highly advised to do IVF but I have no money. Should I give up having a baby ?
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    Is KKH private patient ivf cost same as private clinic's private patient ivf cost ?

    If I am going KKH as private ivf patient, is the cost similar as going to private clinic ?
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    Which ivf doctor is good at KKH ?

    Hi all, Any recommendation ? I booked my first appointment with KKH and immediately got a call from the centre asking which gynae I want to see. I have no idea. Perhaps they thought I wanted to register as private patient. So the lady on the phone advise me to go poly clinic to get a referral...