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  1. radish1

    Home-based Nanny Service

    Hello mummies n daddies I'm providing a home based Nanny service.. 25yrs xp taking care of infants.. Good feedback from previous parents Alots are siblings Local n foreigners Clean/cosy envoriment Non smoking No pets Full time/part time(hrly rated) Daily,maid on leave,cc closed, All above...
  2. radish1

    Double stroller needed

    Hi mummies anyone have a double pram front n back type to bless??? A single mum with a son2yrs +. His son leg is on metal frame so need a double pram to bring him around...No a pram is too short /small to put his legs... Pls she need it badly...Pm me if u have 1 tks...Her location is yishun ....
  3. radish1

    Nanny Services Available

    Hi mummies n daddies... I'm providing Nanny service at Nanny house only... Infant-care fl-time or hourly basics part-time Before n after schoolcare/childcare Meals provided if needed(chargeable) 5 days wk Normal working hrs Can contact me for more info...97327396 Currently my toddlers are going...
  4. radish1

    Blacklist CL nanny may poon

    My.mies n dadors BEWARE of this ÇLmay poon from penang . She said she's is apt providing confinement setvice. She's lazy,big eater,No intivative of her job.. She's very fat...Always instruct the maid to do her job according to mummies on fb.. Don't engage her even got peòple I introduce her.....
  5. radish1

    Xp nanny in Pasir Ris

    Hihi Mummies n daddies I'm an xp nanny with 25 yrs xp.. Infantcare,before n after school care,part-time,full-time,daily rated basics for short term...Non smoker,No pets,clean house, Location:Elias mall Contact ...97327396
  6. radish1

    Xp nanny in Pasir Ris

    I'm providing nanny service in padir ris.. 25 yrs xp taking care of infant. Contact 97327396 for more info...
  7. radish1

    Xp nanny in Pasir Ris

    Hihi Mummies n daddies I'm providing nanny service at my house only..NO going to client house.. 25yrs xp taking care of infants-schoolers. Infantcare,part-time,full-time,before after school are etc... Call 97327396 for more info... Limited vacancy only...
  8. radish1

    Xp nanny in Pasir Ris

    Hi new mum n dad, I'm an xp nanny staying in Pasir Ris. Have maný yrs xp taking care of infants.Singapoean,Malaysian, Indonesia,Taiwan,China,etc.... Full-time/part-time (hourly rated) Before n after schoolcare etc... Contact 97337396 for more info..tks
  9. radish1

    Xp nanny in Pasir Ris

    Hi mummies n daddies... I'm providing a homebased infantcare service in my house. More than 25 yrs xp looking after infants. Good feedback from former parents. Three siblings with me for 7 yrs Toddler 3yrs old just went to childcare Present toddler waiting to go childcare. All kids goes to...
  10. radish1

    Milk bottles n steamer to bless

    Hi mummies,congrats... I have many used milk bottles n drink ing straw bottles,a bottle steamer to me for collection.location Pasir Ris only
  11. radish1

    Maid kill ah gong ah ma

    Another murder case...Maid kill people like killing animals. They are all heartless....steal n kill like nothing... Mummies better think twice if getting domestic maid..... Recently someone post a video clip of maid abuse bb ,throwing the bb up in the air n drop on bed....throw bb away from her...
  12. radish1

    Xp nanny in Pasir Ris

    Hi mum n dady I'm providing nanny service at my own home. Many years xp looking after infants-school children.. Day care 5 days weekdays Available now as toddler going to cc. Location:PASIR RIS CONTACT Pris for more info... 97327396
  13. radish1

    Nanny service at PASIR RIS

    Hi mummies n daddies,there are 2 nannies available now in PPasir Ris. Very xp,clean n neat house...More than 20 yrs xp taking care of infants..Pls note that this is a home-based service,NO going to client house...Contact 97327396 for more info tks.....
  14. radish1

    Looking for free infant gal clothing

    Hi mummies, I'm looking for gals clothing for 3 Locations:Only pasir ris as I have no car.. Please mummies Don't bless old n dirty clothing. I have collected clothings that are not useable or dirty n no rubberband etc... I'm just doing a favour for these families... Thanks...感恩❤❤
  15. radish1

    S26 stage 4 to give away

    Hi I got 2 tins of S26 stage 4 to give away. Date of expiry:Aug 2017 Direct from Australia. Location:pasir Ris only Pm me for collection
  16. radish1

    S26 milk powder to give

    Hi got 2 tins s26 stage 4 to giveaway.. Exp date Aug 2017,direct from Australia. Needy mummy come first.
  17. radish1

    (Question) Child Care Toy handling

    Just asking, how does child cares handle toys? As in how do they wash and dry it? If can, mind taking some pictures and posting them?
  18. radish1

    WTG :BM for infant/babies

    Hi mimmies,I got a new mummy with a 1mth infant have alot of breast milk.Any one baby need bm can pm me for contact,location,pasir ris