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    When do you decide it's time to bring your child to a psychiatrist? My child is 5 and has been assessed to be at risk if ADHD. The doctor said we can go to a psychiatrist now if we want to or wait until later. Would love to hear experiences from parents and have recommendations for good child...
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    Hi, I've read your post on Dyslexia and want to find out more work relating to Dyslexia. I've...

    Hi, I've read your post on Dyslexia and want to find out more work relating to Dyslexia. I've a 5 yr old girl who's suspected to have dyslexia and it has generated my interest in wanting to help her overcome this. I'd greatly appreciate if you can share more about how one can get into this field.
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    Hi, could I PM you to ask more about the OG course? My girl is suspected to be highly likely to have it and she's only 5. I'm thinking of taking this course and want to explore career options with it in the future too.
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    Do kids with dyslexia usually have trouble learning Chinese too? What are the signs and where can we go get help for them to learn better? My child is 5 by the way.
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    House Movers to Recommend?

    Rentalorry for me, used them a few times and pricing is reasonable and moving is efficient. Look for Syed! I'm very pleased with their service.
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    Estate Planning and Will Writing

    The assitant Wouldn't you need to do your estate planning through a will? They lawyer's assitant will help draft the will by considering your wishes before the lawyer signed it. It is usually a flat fee depending on how complicated your will is.
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    2016/07 July babies

    That's good news! I hooe mine will adjust to cc fast too.
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    Estate Planning and Will Writing

    Call them and make an appointment
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    Estate Planning and Will Writing

    Yes, done it at law firm and did LPA also.
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    2016/07 July babies

    Hi Redvel, Babydust to you! I don't intend to start potty training so early although my child wants to follow her older sibling and sit on the toilet bowl. Reason being i find it less stressful letting them take the lead. Haha... My older one is 3.5 and almost toilet trained now. Her cc...
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    Rock Climbing for kids

    Click and climb at Tampines is fun too. . .
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    husband watches porn during sex

    Issue is not you. He is addicted to porn. Read up on it and talk to him about it. He'll prob deny it but ask him how will he like it that you have to watch another man and have him arouse you. Meaning not pay attention to him when having sex.
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    Maternity Wear

    Carousell and ASOS when they have sale.
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    Pyjamas for Hospital Stay

    Can wear hospital gown. I stayes at PEH and it has nuraing access too.
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    Childcare at Tiong Bahru, Havelock, River Valley

    I have shortlisted Orange Academy, Hamptons and Sam's Learning Centre. Yet to visit YWCA and Safari House. The rest of the schools are too full and I cant even visit. :( Can someone share reviews for the above or let me know what oyher schools you find good and have sent your child there...
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    Maple bear vs Mindchamps?

    I visited Maplebear at Furama annex. New and clean and spacious. Teacher very enthusiatic and program seema comprehensive. There's a chineae teacher attched to each class so the children will definitely learn chinese. It's a litle cold there though and fees on the higher end for me.
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    Recommendation for child care services near Tiong Bahru Plaza

    I know this is an old thread and tried to om one of the members with no avial. Can someone review Sam's early learning centre?
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    2016/07 July babies

    I have twice. First time I was breastfeeding her fully so it was Easy. Second time just last mth, I feed her bread, cheese, yogurt, fruits and milk mainly. She eats a little of what we eat too with less slor no salt. Banana and avocado are easy to feed and carry around. Cooked eggs too. Just...
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    Holiday with small kids - where is good?

    Has anyone been to Europe with a toddler and a 1 yr old so far? Where is good to go that is child friendly? I want to visit Italy but their restaurants open late for dinner at 730pm or 8pm and that's my kids' bedtime.
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    Has anyone tried chicken essence during pregnancy?

    You cook in a small jar and put this jar into a larger pot of slow cooker. Just google and you can find the technique. Basically, everything is the same, just that you cook the soup in a small jar and place this jar in a bigger pot of water. For myself, I have the double boil pot that my mum...