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  1. MistyCloud

    Childcare at Tiong Bahru, Havelock, River Valley

    I have shortlisted Orange Academy, Hamptons and Sam's Learning Centre. Yet to visit YWCA and Safari House. The rest of the schools are too full and I cant even visit. :( Can someone share reviews for the above or let me know what oyher schools you find good and have sent your child there...
  2. MistyCloud

    Year End Babies

    When will you mummies enrol your LO into childcare if they are born in end 2014? Mine is born in Dec 2014 and I was thinking of April 2017. Is that a good timing or better to wait til 2.5 years old?
  3. MistyCloud

    Ex maid use my address for pawn shop

    I just got a letter and want to view the items but was told I need to produce the police report to view them. But how would I know what she has taken. In fact, she no longer works for us and still use our address for pawning the items. I suspect she stole the new employer things. Anyone has...
  4. MistyCloud

    All About Vasectomy

    Hubby is planning to have this procedure done after #2 is out. Anyone has experience with it or hubby has done through it? Care to share if there's any undesirable side effects?
  5. MistyCloud

    Helium Needed for Balloons

    Hi, anyone know where I can get helium to fill 2-3 balloons only. 1 is the big number one. I have the balloons but need the gas only and am willing to pay for it. I stay around Kembangan and would appreciate any help. Thanks!!!
  6. MistyCloud

    Overnight Diapers

    My baby has been waking earlier due to wet butt, what brand and model of diapers would you recommend I use? I am currently using Mamypoko Size M Extra Dry for her. She is only 6kg at 6 mths old but pee a lot ever since she started on solids.
  7. MistyCloud

    Baby First Solids, What brand of Cereal to buy?

    What brand should I buy for baby? She is skinny so I want to start on Cereal on top of fruits. She has been eating banana and avacado too.
  8. MistyCloud

    Breast Specialist

    I have a lump in my breast that isn't going away and it's quite big. Massage lady advise me to go see a specialist instead as she cannot even move it along or reduce the size. She recommended Dr Joy Lee who is full booked this week. Any other good ones to recommend me? I need to see one asap. :(
  9. MistyCloud

    Dry Skin On Baby

    My baby has dry skin on her legs and PD asked me to put more lotion. I use Baby Gaia and it doesn't seem to help. But this lotion helps with rashes very well though. Can someone recommend me a god lotion/cream? Is Mustela or California Baby better? Thinking of buying it from the baby fair this...
  10. MistyCloud

    How to get babies to sleep through the night?

    My 12 week old used to sleep from 11pm to 7+am but she has been waking at 5+am these days instead and doesn't fall back asleep after drinking milk. How can I get her to sleep through again? She also has trouble sleeping in the daytime and we need to soothe her a lot or let her cry out before...
  11. MistyCloud

    Baby Cot Mattress

    I'm thinking of replacing my baby's cot mattress. Coz I find the current one will sink in the middle where baby sleeps. Any suggestions? What kind of mattress should I be looking for too?
  12. MistyCloud

    Good Childcare in Kembangan / Telok Kurau Area

    Any to recommend? I'm beginning to look around because I don't know how long it'll take. Will be driving around this weekend to find also but would love to hear feedback from parents here. =)
  13. MistyCloud

    Little Gems Inc Review - BAD Service and Communication!!

    I'm so disappointed with the website: and and need to rant here. I ordered a buckwheat pillow for my daughter in the morning, called them up and settle everything. I got an email the next day only in the...
  14. MistyCloud

    Stains on baby clothes

    Anyone know how to remove milk stains?
  15. MistyCloud

    All about Hiring Helper/Maid in Singapore

    I'm new to it and my maid is coming in 2 week's time so would be glad if I can get advise from experienced mums here. Firstly, wanna find out how do you all get your maid to wash her own clothes? I'm definitely asking her to wash her undergarments separately.
  16. MistyCloud

    Cot Sheet Material

    What kind is good for our weather. I know cotton is cooling but what about Jersey cotton? Is it too hot? I am looking at Mothercare's one... Any review?
  17. MistyCloud

    Fish to take when pregnant

    what is good to take for fish when pregnant? I just entered my 3rd trimester. Is toman/sheng yu/snakehead, promfret, threadfin safe? What other fishes are good?
  18. MistyCloud

    Need Recommendation for Home Pre - & Post - Natal Massage

    Anyone has good recommendation to share? I stay in the East. Thanks!
  19. MistyCloud

    Oscar Test

    Hi, I've been reading a lot of posting on Oscar test and found out that age is a determining factor in pulling down the results too. I'm 35 this year and will be going for my Oscar test on 4 June 2014. Now, I'm wondering whether I should even go for it if the results is likely to come back...
  20. MistyCloud

    Breast Size After Pregnancy

    I just found out that most breasts will shrink to a smaller size as compared to pre-pregnancy after giving birth and want to know if this is true. Can mommies share? I'm 6 weeks pregnant and I always thought will remain the same size (before getting pregnant) after pregnancy or maybe grow even...