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    Hair dye and manicure

    Hi All, Trying to conceive is it all right to dye hair or bleach hair? Is it alright to do manicure or bleach hand hair using hair removal cream?
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    Prof John Tee or Dr Tan Kai Lit

    Hi Mummies, Both Doctors are good. But notice John Tee sees his patients fast and don't talk much until u have questions he will answer. He is more the serious type. Dr Tan Kai Lit, friendly and caring and explain in details. Both are good, confuse which to see. Any Mummies can share their...
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    Hi, Trying to conceive, is it ok to eat durian?
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    Cow's Milk

    Hi, I am trying to conceive and was ask to drink male calf milk or just cow's milk. Can any of you please advise me is it safe to drink cow's milk to conceive and if yes which brand is good. I am so confuse when I go to NTUC Fairprice Too many Brand’s [emoji26]
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    IVF treatment

    Hi, Anyone had seek IVF and got pregnant with only 1 Fallopian tube or no Fallopian tube? As in 2 damage or blocked tubes? If yes, how much it cost and how Long it took for u to get pregnant? IVF treatment done in KKH under private? Thanks.
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    Hi, Today is my 14day and ovulation period but I don't have any white mucus and it's dry. Fertile date are from 24 Aug to 29 Aug 2017. Today being 14day no discharge at all, trying to conceive was told no LH surge if not white mucus discharge. Anyone knows about this?
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    Any one went for dye xray

    Hi, Any of u went for a dye scan to check any blockage with the Fallopian tubes? Or if only left with 1 tube and to check if that is ok or damage? Is it painful? How much it cost? Can use Medisave? How Long it takes to know the results? As side effects? Thanks.
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    Hi, trying to conceive usually my mensus last 7days and TCM said my ovulation days will be around day 14-16. Unfortunately for this month my mensus came on 14/8 but not much then day 15 it came a lot. But to my surprise day 16 and day 17 very little like going to finish. Is this normal? Very...
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    Does it matter? Ovulation

    Hi Ladies, I only have one Fallopian tube, according to TCM they say when I am ready to conceive need to see Gynae to do a scan to check which side I am ovulating. So that if the egg is at the tube which I lost no point trying to conceive, the egg should be at the Fallopian tube side that I...
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    Maternity Leave

    Hi All, What should I do? I am trying to conceive and I saw my work portal my leave entitled it's stated 56Days which means 1year 3months... By right should be 16weeks. I work as a front line in a condo, shift hours. 4days work with 1 off or 5days work with 1 off. I plan to let my HR and...
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    Wombcare massage

    Hi, has anyone gone for this? Is it good? Please advise..
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    Milk Formula

    Hi, Can I heck what age was your child when you stop them from drinking milk formula like Similac, Enfagrow etc and give normal full cream milk? Thanks!
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    Lie down with legs up or straight down on bed

    Hi Ladies, Can I ask after having sex while trying to conceive, should our legs be high up on the wall and wait for 20minutes or we can lie on our back and legs on bed straight but with pillow support behind our hips? How to get pregnant after our partner inserting his sperm? Might be weird...
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    Thumbs Up Peanuts

    Hi Ladies, Is it safe to eat the nuts while trying to conceive?
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    Chicken smut pill

    Hi, anyone tried the chicken smut pill?
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    For Men to have strong, healthy sperm

    Hi Ladies, Sorry but may I know what kind of supplements your Husband takes to make his sperm a lot and strong and contain Zinc. Someone recommended Tongkat Ali, pls advise. Many Thanks
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    Anyone seen her?

    Hi, anyone seen this doctor? Is yes, how is she and what's the consultation and scan fees like? Thank you.
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    Hi Ladies, Is it ok to eat almonds if trying to conceive?
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    Prenatal Vitamins

    Hi Ladies, Trying to conceive which prenatal vitamins is good to take? I am not a person who likes to eat fish and beef. I am currently taking yellow folic acid pill from KKH pharmacy. Please advise, thank u mummies[emoji5]
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    Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

    Hi, anyone had PID and was treated and recover? Please can u share more, doctor at sgh gave me a referral letter and ask me to see gynae for this matter. Goggle and notice it seems serious if not treated early can't conceive.