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    Pcos TTC looking for a fertility doctor in Singapore on my dependent pass since I don't mind whether private or public hospital as I don't get any benefits of discount. I have pcos I'm trying to conceive if anybody has personal experience with a good doctor who is more genuine & patient please recommend .thank you so much in...
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    Any 'Express' TCM acupuncture treatment to recommend?

    Mark chern at soma clinic. Was able to ovulate and conceive when I have anovulatory PCOS
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    HELP! Brown discharge during First Trimester! discharge. I have only been tested pregnant last Wednesday, cause I was having cramps and I went to polyclinic. The biggest issue is I have PCOS (diagnosed only 3 months ago) so my menstration is not stable so I don’t know how far along I am. So should I go to the doctors or wait it out...
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    Pcos TTC looking for a fertility doctor

    My friend sees Dr Ann Tan for her PCOS. Otherwise, Dr Huang Zhong wei @ NUH is a good fertility doctor too
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    Ovasitol Inositol Powder for TTC

    Thanks for your reply! I will check that out. I don't have pcos mine is unexplained infertility so am reluctant when my friend recommend it to me. I will check with my doctor next month too!
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    They say 7% to 30% and is used by blocking estrogen production. Usually given to PCOS to increase the chance. And clomid with PCOS can increase multiple pregnancy. It gets better when u do 2 to 3 more cycle. But for me seems like its not responding. Plus its pretty stressful when the BD schedule...
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    Hello ladies, Trying to find more information about PCOS as I’m diagnosed with PCOS. It’s been almost 8 months now since treatment and I’m still unable to conceived. I’m currently only vitamins in the morning and Metformin in the night. And after my period, I would need to take Clomid and...
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    I was diagnosed with pcos by 2 other gynae before I found dr tan. I did IVF with him in June...

    I was diagnosed with pcos by 2 other gynae before I found dr tan. I did IVF with him in June after his recommendation. TAke ur supplements especially coq10 for egg quality . I’m already 34 years old . But due to pcos I have high Amh n yield 32 eggs . Out of which 12 became blastocyst . Did...
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    IVF/ICSI Support Group

    did you have any symptoms during your 2ww during your fet?
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    Oh wow. Hi, Oh wow! Thanks! Catching all the baby dust!
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    PCOS really hard to tackle... so did you all have any good news after these months?
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    Hi everyone. I have pcos. My previous 2 pregnancies were successful on clomid. The 1st one, with 2 cycles and 2nd pregnancy with only 1 cycle. We are trying again after 5yrs now. After 3 cycles of clomid and 2 cycles of Letrozole, still unsuccessful. The upcoming month will be our last try...
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    Donor Selection

    High antral follicle count is also characteristic of Patients with Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Typically PCOS patients produce more eggs during IVF, but the larger number of eggs are less mature and of poorer quality, which may compromise IVF success.
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    Trying to conceive 2020

    Hi! Did the gynae do an ultrasound to confirm ur pcos? Usually u can see many cysts of about the same size like a bunch of grapes/ pearls. But i also learnt yesterday that having these cysts in ovaries is not neccesarily pcos too so im confused now. Are ur periods regular prior to tcm? Mine is...
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    Revosit, any positive reviews?

    Hi, Revosit helps patient with pcos to ovulate. The main ingredient is myoinositol. You can buy it directly from Haldane Pharmaceuticals and they do delivery.
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    Trying to conceive 2020

    Hi girls, anyone has pcos diagnosis problem? I’ve seen 4 gynaes so far - 2 said I have pcos and 2 said I don’t... it’s quite confusing. Those who said I have is because my cycles lengths vary a lot and I have high AMH. But those who said I don’t have pcos is because my high AMH just means good...
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    PCOS + TCM!

    ...ladies, I have read through the forum and realized that Dr Tan Kian Sing is quite highly raved for helping couples to conceive. Can i check, he usually only focus on guy fertility ? How about female diagnosed with PCOS ( no ovulation ) ? How are his charges like? hope someone can help...
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    Trying to conceive 2020

    Hi. I’m diagnosed with pcos from 2 docs out of 4 docs. I don’t have regular menses .. it may vary from one to three months or even longer. blood test is normal for the hormones but can see cystic - like bubbles formed around my ovaries (tats pcos ) as explained by my ex gynae. moreover not...
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    Ah, OK.. You try calling and see how. Also just to share, I have pcos but managed to BFP on my first natural FET. So anything is possible! All the best! Good luck! [emoji256]
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    I have pcos too but my first cycle only have 7 eggs. yea that’s how kkh do it each scan and review only done by sonographer and doc in charge that day. did dr phoon told you when you will know how many embryos developed? When is your next review date