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    WTS: Grand Schoenhut piano (37 keys)

    Children Schoenhut piano for sales, in good condition. Might need tuning. Piano stand & stool uninstall. Clearing at $50. Self collect at CCK North 5. Toy Piano shop selling at $243
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    WTS: Used Children Swing

    Used Children swing in good condition, everything is working fine. Self collection at CCK North 5. Looking at $20. Thank you.
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    WTS: Preloved foldable children swing

    Hi all, Preloved foldable children swing for sale at $30. Still in good condition, self collect at CCK / Yew Tee area. Pls pm me for pix. Thank you.
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    Preloved Pigeon compact sterilizer

    Used less than 10 times, only use when going overseas / staycation. Condition: 8/10 selling at $20 only. Thank you.
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    Preloved Baby Cot

    I have a preloved baby cot in good condition, looking to sell at $100. It can be converted to toddler bed. Self collect at Yew Tee. pls pm me for pix. Thank you.
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    Shichida Sawako Flashcards

    Hi, I have the preloved set to let go, it is in Flash cards with CD in diff languages. Pls pm me if you are interested. Thank you.
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    preloved photographic memory games for sale

    Preloved in good condition, i have DIY some cards as well. Selling at $20 only. Pls pm for more pix. Self collect at Yew Tee/ CCK or Woodland area.
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    WTS: Farfalla Freezer

    Bought in Aug 2012 Condition 9.9/10. Have been used to store only EBM. Selling at $200.. Self collect at Yew Tee / CCK area. Pls pm me for more info.
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    WTS: My first sound books

    Speed reading books used in shichida, brand new in pack. Selling at $88. Self collect at Yew Tee / CCK or Woodland.
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    WTS: IKEA beads chaser

    Preloved in good condition, selling only $8 (FOC small bead chaser), self collect at Yew Tee or Woodland.
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    preloved 二三快读

    Selling away preloved set of this useful tool to teach chinese to toddler. A very good set not to be missed.
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    Blank flash cards for sale

    Hi, I have few pack of flash cards (310g glossy type), selling at $6 per 100 pcs. Pls let me know if you are interested.
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    Shichida materials for sale

    Hi, I have some shichida materials to let go: a. 信谊 我会说 (45 cards, 13 stories) b. 信谊 我会说 (45 cards, 12 stories) c. 信谊 顺序图卡(50 cards, 13 stories) These are hard to find right brain materials used in shichida, letting go at $55 for 3 sets. Pls pm me for more pix. Thks.
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    Preloved Noddy fun for sale

    I have a preloved but in good condition set to let go. Pls pm me for pix if interested. Thank you. Pls read the review of this fun & educational games.
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    Little Tikes Rocking Horse for sale

    Hi all, Preloved in good condition, pls pm me for actual pix. Self collect at Yew Tee area. Thank you.
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    Thomas and friends puzzle - Ravensburger

    I have few puzzle to let go, no missing pieces, in good condition. Will upload photo tonight. Thank you.
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    WTB: 2x USS child tix

    Hi, PM me if u hv any tix to offer. Thks.
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    WTB: 2x Adventure cove Tix (child only)

    Hi, PM me if u hv any tix to offer. Thks.
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    WTB: BNIB Avent manual breastpump

    budget at $50. Pls pm me if you have one to let go. Prefer to collect in Woodland or west side. Thks.
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    why not make it compulsory for seller to post selling price?

    Saw a lot of seller only asking for PM instead of posting selling price, what is the rationale? wouldn't it be better & fair for the seller to publish the price? how we know if the seller has mark up the price unreasonably since the price is only available thru PM? Thank You.