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    Can we vaccine while TTC?

    Hiyee! Anyone here taking vaccine although you’re ttc or have already become pregnant?
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    Female fertility test

    Hello! Can anyone share some insight into fertility checks for female? Eg clinic, doc, what tests are being done, cost etc? thank you!!
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    Multiple entry, pls ignore

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    Using ovulation kit helps?

    Hi mummies! Anyone here conceived using ovulation kit to track ovulation? If so, may I know when u guys did the deed? Before, during or after the kit shows positive? Consecutive days or alternate days etc? I’m using the strip ones and only did it that night it shows positive. Still not pregnant
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    Miscarriage advice

    Hi everyone, Im 5-6 weeks and was bleeding, unfortunately, I had a MC, it’s my first pregnancy. Does anyone here share the same experience?