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    Advice on cereal brand!

    my son loves Milupa
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    Advice needed: How to cure Eczema?

    my son had eczema and emu oil really did help him a lot..
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    Advice Needed: Creams & Oils to prevent Stretchmarks

    my son uses emu oil as well.. he has eczema.. am also selling emu oil since i saw the effectivity to my son's skin..
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    my son's pedia is dr. kumar.. is the weighing scale spoilt? my son weighs 9.1kg there but we think he's heavier than that...
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    12 months old baby weight 12kg!

    my son is 15monhts, 9.1kg and 76cm.. is he underweight?
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    Where to get Cheap & Nice Clothes for Babies?

    hi.. are you looking into used items? or brand new?
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    Where to order birthday cakes for kids

    i'll vote for ecreative, food infinity, and crystal jade cakes..
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    Your Baby Can Read!

    i have this but my son only loves the singing part.. he's 15months old now.. but i still play this so he can listen to it while playing..
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    Advice Needed - When To Stop Baby Wearing Mittens

    once i had his fingernails cut, i stopped the mittens to let his hand be free.. and this is also a way for babies to explore when their hands can feel things..
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    Advice needed - Pacifiers a must??

    my son used to be dependent on pacifiers (he was 6months to 1yr) but one day came and he doesn't look for the pacifier anymore.. but then from time to time he still uses this at night.. he used to be on pacifier most of the day before.. some moms put chili on the pacifiers so that the child...
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    Advice Needed - Baby Having Very Mild Constipation

    if he's on formula milk, add more water but retain the same scoop of milk.. else, try to go for a lactose free milk
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    Advice Needed - Baby Having Blocked Nose

    when my son has colds, i give honey plus oregano extract (son is 15months old).. then i put sinus oil in our humidifier then put eucalyptus oil on his back.. for blocked nose, try sterimar.. it softens the mucus..
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    A good stroller

    we're using Maclaren Techno XLR..
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    1.5yrs old son suddenly refuse to drink milk!

    my son is 15months old and he refuses milk also!! sigh.. and he's a picky eater