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    May 2020 Moms

    Hey I just tested positive last night too. Can add me in the group chat?
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    September 2019 Mummies

    Hey all! I just tested positive too! Based on last period, Edd should be mid September. My #2 this time. Have not seen a gynae yet I would like to join the WhatsApp group too! Thanks!
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    2017 Jan EDD

    Hi, I did not received any invites too. Can someone add me into the group as well? My email is Thanks!
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    2017 Jan EDD

    Just checked my email. I nv receive any notifications. Did I pm wrong?
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    2017 Jan EDD

    Hi. Can I check if I should visit a gynae or a normal gp to confirm on my pregnancy? This is my first time.
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    2017 Jan EDD

    Hi guys, I just tested 2 times yesterday and it's positive too! Telling myself to stay calm till I seen a doc to confirm.. If everything goes well, I should belong to this group too! =)