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    3 yrs old attend Chiltern house nursery - Any comments ?

    Linette, My girl is in N1 at CH Turf Club too and I must say that I second you in the positive comments regarding the school. So far, the principal and teachers there have been very warm and encouraging. Like you, I feel so far that I've made the right decision to send my girl there. I...
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    3 yrs old attend Chiltern house nursery - Any comments ?

    Hi Mummies, My child will be starting N1 at Chiltern next year and I am encouraged to hear from mumofelliot about the positive experience at the East Coast centre. Would love to receive some feedback on the Turf Club centre too. Thanks in advance.
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    A n y gd maid to trsf?

    Hi lavend Is your brother's maid still available for immediate transfer? I have sent him an email and would appreciate if you could let me know the status. Thanks.
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    Chin Leng, PLS TAKE NOTE!!!

    Hi, I'll just like to share my point of view on one possible reason why some choose to post WTS threads in WTB section instead. Perhaps some of the 'reporters' here may have already suspected it - the reason is because these users aren't allowed to post in the restricted sections, namely...
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    <b>Applying to be able to post in overseas spree and WTS threads</b>

    Hello, I am another one of those who have sent repeated emails in vain too. Could someone please kindly look into this soon? Thanks very much.
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    Glenn Doman Flash Card Users Corner

    Tulip I am interested in the session. Pls email me at [email protected] for details. Thanks.
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    (2008/04) April 2008

    Hi Calamari She has so much hair! Just like her mummy Take good care and rest well.