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    WTG/WTS: TVPS school uniform

    Wtg TVPS boy uniform. Shirt 28. Pants M. 2 sets. Pick up at 405 amk ave 10. 1 set new wts $10. Total 3sets.
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    Wtg: previtamins

    Taken. Thread closed.
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    Wtg: previtamins

    Pop early. Have balance of previtamins (iron, fish oil, calcium) prescribed from gynae. Pick up at doorstep at amk ave 10.
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    Part time cleaner

    hi, Any recommendation for part time cleaner at amk area? Thanks.
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    Wts: kidzania tix 1A1C

    Exp 30 Nov 2018. Letting go at $60. Pick up taiseng asiawide bldg 9.30am-6pm.
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    wts: robocar poli toys

    New in pack. Letting go @ $10 each.
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    wts: apple calender

    Item sold. Thread closed.
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    wedding favour

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    WTG: MFS boy uniform

    Items taken. Thread closed.