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    Has anyone claim insurance for missed miscarriage?

    Private insurance don't cover missed miscarriage. Anything below week 13 is not claimable. You can only use your medisave to deduct max $1950. Any balance must be in cash. Even medishield or medishield life don't cover maternity package. So if your missed miscarriage is done in a pte hospital...
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    Support group - Miscarriages

    Hi ladies, I have done a d&c last mon. My bb stops growing at 7wks. I am totally torn and devasted when hearing the news from gyn. A scan at 6wks show the little heart is pumping and a scan at 8wks show it gone. Totally cannot accept the fact as I am so looking forward for bb arrival. I am age...
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    *Many Brand New Items to Go!

    I'm moving house soon and have lotsa BRAND NEW items to sell at low price. a) Young Living Ultrasonic Diffuser c/w box: $88 b) OTO Neck Snuggler c/w box: $88 c) Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum 80ml: $20 d) Fresh Sugar Rose Lip Treatment SPF15: $10 e) Biore Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash (For norm...
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    Crabtree and Evelyn Factory Outlet!! 50%-75% off -Dawnb

    Hi, I would like to order the below: 1. Rosewater dusting powder 2. Rosewater shower gel 3. Rosewater body cream (can check what the diff between cream and lotion) Pls let me know the total amount.
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    (2013/07) July 2013

    Hi mummies, Can check folic acid can take together with calcium pill? I just started on my calcium pill.
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    (2013/07) July 2013

    Hi all merry xmas! My consultation $75 n scan $100 n plus 7% gst. My gyn package around $1650 from week 16 onwards. But it covers all consultation, scan, blood n urine test, med, 2 detailed scans... so is quite comprehensive. Though some gyn might charge higher but maybe they covers...
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    (2013/07) July 2013

    Today went for my oscar test. Hv to wait a week for the results. From the scan, can see bb growing well though my ms quite bad. Feel so happy hearing bb strong heartbeat. As my 1st is a gal, hope this will be a boy! But well think their health is the most impt factor!
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    (2013/07) July 2013

    Hi, I think flu & cough so common for mummies. I also been suffering from flu n cough for weeks! With ms, I feel so terribble! Taste buds all gone & can't eat well too
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    (2013/07) July 2013

    Hi Orangey, mine as below: EDD: 3rd July 2013 Gynae: Dr Chen Chern Yi Hospital: Mt A No. of pregnancy: #2
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    (2013/07) July 2013

    Hi, Anyone MS getting bad? i think mine is getting bad to worse. Eat what vomit what! My gyn advises MS will get worsen between 7wks to 10wks. How I wish time can pass faster! I just want to get over the 1st trimester!
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    (2013/07) July 2013

    I'm with lady gyn, Dr Chen Chern Yi at Punggol. Delivery either at TMC or Mt A. She's not cheap but she's patient & will explain in details. Today, I just went for my 2nd appt. BB 7wks one day old still cant hear heartbeat but can see a small dot which Dr Chen say is the heart. As my MS...
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    (2013/07) July 2013

    Honghan, I'm feeling cold too & worst down with flu.... Take some med (safe for preg) but med effect is mild hence still can't cure my flu.... Sally, can add me to the grp too? Miloqueen, it good you can drink milk... I can't stand the smell of the milk & feel like puking out...