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    P5 P6 mindstretcher science

    Hi, anyone giving away? Please pm me
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    Hi, is the Lego idea book still available?

    Hi, is the Lego idea book still available?
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    wtb: korean gal traditional dress

    Looking for one which can fit a height 135cm gal. Pls pm me with price, conditions, picture n collection place. Thanks.
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    Amazon Spree (Dreamz) - CGW/Free Shipping (PP/Kovan/Bishan/TPY)

    Hi, would like to order: 1. Melissa & Doug Deluxe 10-Piece Magnetic Bug Catching Game $6.99 2.Foam Magnets - Objects...
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    Hole in heart for child

    rachelclk glad that your boy is all well now. my boy is also seeing Dr Terence for yearly follow up. Handsome doctor, ya? LOL Reenean If you are seeing Dr Shankar, but the scan was done in KKH, do request KKH to give you the record of the scan saved in the CD, and let Dr Shankar look at it...
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    WTB: Yamaha JNC books

    I am looking for solfege and ensemble 6 and repertoire 2. Please pm me the conditions, price and collection place. thanks.
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    Hole in heart for child

    you can always try the polyclinic route as sometimes you would not Q too long to get the earliest appointment. you can also tell the polyclinic on the urgency of the matter. hope everything goes well to your son and the family.
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    WTB: Mattress for childcare

    Hi anyone selling the mattress used in childcare centre? pls pm me the price, conditions and collection place. thanks.
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    WTB: Sound of music musical show

    Hi I am looking for tickets for the above show. Prefer weekend shows. pls pm me.
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    Hole in heart for child

    sorry for the late reply. that time we were at KKH, at subsidised rate. then, we went to look for Dr Shankar at his clinic at Glen E/Mt E (can't remember) for 2nd opinion. After that, we trf our son to NUH. We were charged at subsidised rate. Is your boy under subsidised rate at KKH?
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    Hole in heart for child

    Hi rachelclk My boy had AVSD and was detected during pregnancy. His heart surgery was done when he was one month old by Dr Shankar from NUH. I couldn't remember the cost as the charges after subsidies were mostly paid through medisave. Please check with the doctor if your boy is under...
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    thanks find, star. I went to both rainbow and CCK eipic for visit, didn't get to talk to the teacher. but from the look of the environment and the therapy rooms, i am more keen on enrolling my boy to rainbow. it's the distance to the rainbow which makes me consider twice.